Meek Mill Under Fire For His Album Cover Wrapped On A Tour Bus With ‘Degrading Images’ Of Black Women


Meek Mill has a new album and the cover art for the project depicts pictures of black women in ‘abstract art’, naked in various positions.

This was Meek’s pinned post on Twitter:

At the time of posting the above Tweet, there were a few users who shared that they were not comfortable with the art but it didn’t quite have the outrage on Twitter as it does now.

Wrapping the bus in the album art seem to hit different for some who have seen the bus in their city.


another user said:

This is rapper Meek Mill’s album cover.

When are Black people going to call out Black people for the injustices against Black people?

The number one threat to Black women is Black men.

The most disrespectful people towards Black women are Black Men.


more opinions below:


One user called others out for ‘fake outrage’

and another here:



Have you seen Meek Mill’s bus in your city, what is your opinion of his cover art?


  1. How much must we as a black nation suffer? How many times must we turn a blind eye to our own kind desecrating our race? No one seems to want to stand up and die for what’s right yet they are willing to protest on how the police treat black people. You do not hear white rappers calling their women bitches and hoes. Meek is disrespecting his mom, sister, and ALL women! This why we should make it a point to low your history. It is the BLACK woman that took the grunt of the pain during slavery, it is the black woman that was willing to die to fight for her sons and daughters being ripped from her arms and sold on the other side of the United States NEVER to be seen again, it is the black woman that suffered the lashes of the whip to try to save us as a black nation, it is the black woman who fell to her knees to pray for these sons and daughters that were ripped from her arms. Yet this is the only way that a black woman can be seen! Open your eyes Meek brother, open your eyes to the strains our society puts our race through! Is this how you see your mother, your sister or your daughter Meek? Bending over to the chains that lock us up in the same position all the time????? Is this how you see yourself Meek???? READ YOUR HISTORY BOOKS!!!!


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