Mo’Nique Gets Upcoming Netflix Comedy Special

Netflix comedy special
Photo credit: TV Insider

It’s time for a legendary Netflix comedy special!

Golden Globe and Oscar winner Mo’Nique announced a new comedy special for the giant streaming platform.

She shared her excitement on Twitter and revealed that the Netflix comedy special isn’t the only project she has in the works with Netflix.

She is also working on a movie, ‘The Deliverance.’

A Lucrative Partnership

Netflix comedy special
Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Mo’Nique is working on ‘The Deliverance’ with legendary director Lee Daniels.

If you don’t know, he’s the guy who directed modern classics like ‘Precious’ (Where she took home her acting Oscar) and ‘The Butler.’

That makes ‘The Deliverance’ a hot prospect for Oscar season if that’s when it will release.

But interestingly, the comedian used to have beef with both Lee Daniels and Netflix.

Forgiveness and Moving On

Photo credit: Twitter – Mo’Nique Worldwide

In 2019, the actress filed a lawsuit against Netflix complaining of race and sex discrimination.

She alleged that the streaming platform had lowballed her by offering $500,000 for her Netflix comedy special.

At the time, Amy Schumer received an $11 million payday, while Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle each received offers of $20 million.

With such glaring disparity, it’s no wonder the actress was mad.

Instead of accepting the discriminatory pay, she stood up.

They finally settled the dispute in June, and now the comedian is working on her first special for Netflix.

The 54-year-old comedian also had beef with Lee Daniels.

In 2015, she claimed that the industry blackballed her after she won her Oscar.

This apparently happened because Daniels claimed she was challenging to work with and tacky.

Naturally, this directly affected her chances of landing roles for several years.

But Mo’Nique is above all that, and she recently reconciled with the director, who apologized to her.

Mo’Nique is Back!

Photo credit: Capital News

With two projects coming soon, Mo’Nique is back in the spotlight!

Hopefully, this is the start of a resurgence, and we will see her in more movies and TV shows soon.

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