Need A Smile? This Dancing Baby Girl Is Just Who You Need To See

ivanah dancer

I spend a lot of time analyzing the concept of ‘going viral’! What makes a piece of content so special that everyone collectively decides to share and repost it to their individual platforms? The truth is, for a piece of content to go viral it has to naturally evoke a familiar emotion that we all share as human beings, whether it be excitement, happiness or positive encouragement.

This is what Ivanah the dancer represents! She literally made us all happy when we saw her first dancing video on Instagram because she danced with such energy and pure joy.

Watch below:

then there was this one:

How adorable is she? Ivanah is just 6 years old and her aunt run’s her Instagram page posting snips of her dancing and adorable pictures.

Her dancing videos have been reposted countless times in the past week including Jada Pinkett Smith who said “This girl has life figured out! I’m bout to go find me some traffic right now …and dance”

Couldn’t have said it better! She definitely has life figured out! Follow Ivanah here.


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