Here’s How To Enhance The “No Makeup” Makeup Look With Just 4 Products Under $40

No makeup freckles on dark skinned woman

The concept behind the “no makeup” makeup look is pretty simple: wear makeup as if you don’t have any on. The whole idea here is to elevate what you have instead of changing or hiding it under thick layers of makeup. 

You could do a quick BB cream, a light mascara, a little lip gloss, and be on your way. However, the whole point of the “less is more” look is to enhance, not be super basic! 

If you’ve been playing it a little too safe with your makeup choices, it’s definitely time to spice it up a bit! Here are 4 products under $40 that’ll elevate your “no makeup” game.


NABLA Freckle Maker, $18

Faux freckles were all the rage a few years back, and to be honest? They’re still a super cute addition to a natural makeup look. This Freckle Maker from NABLA is particularly good because, unlike similar products made solely for faking the freck, this face paint works wonders on both lighter and darker complexions. 


Facetheory Ultra-Pigmented Gel Blush, $16 

I’m sure there are still some of us who think that a good no makeup look is one that makes everything on your face one shade of brown, and that’s totally untrue! You need definition, and this Ultra-Pigmented Blush from Facetheory will give your cheeks all the rosy goodness. it needs. Not a fan of rosy? No worries! There are four different shades for you.


Black Radiance Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme, $5

If you’ve never had a lipstick that matches your over and undertones so well that it might as well be your second skin, then you definitely need to get your hand on Black Radiance’s Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme. Yes, it’s matte, but it’s also non-drying with a satin finish that’s so comfortable that the creme will simply feel like a natural part of your lips.



Perricone MD No Makeup Highlighter, $35

Highlighter is typically known for the shimmer that comes with the tiny specks of glitter, but this one from Perricone MD went in a different direction. Instead of giving you sparkle, it’s giving the lightweight luminosity and vibrancy of a really good skin day. This time, the magic in the mix is not glitter—it’s naturally brightening Vitamin C and Chinese Ginger! 

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