Notorious B.I.G’s Daughter T’yanna Wallace Unveils Big Poppa Makeup Collaboration

Notorious B.I.G’s Daughter T’yanna Wallace Unveils Big Poppa Makeup Collaboration

A mascara named in honor of one of the world’s best hard-core rappers of all time? Now, that’s what we are talking about!

T’yanna Wallace, the daughter of the late Brooklyn rap legend, Notorious B.I.G, is doing her dad proud.

The 27-year old Brooklyn’s own ‘Princess’ is set to unveil her first beauty product in collaboration with the LA-based cosmetics brand, Wet-N-Wild Beauty.

T’yanna is not only taking the makeup industry by storm, but she’s adding another level to her growing empire.

Apart from collaborating with Wet-N-Wild to launch the ‘Big Poppa Mascara’, T’yanna is also the C.E.O. of Notoriouss – a cutting-edge streetwear brand that draws its inspiration from her dad’s life and legacy.

The release of the cosmetic line is a bitter-sweet moment for T’yanna. March 9th marks the 24th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G’s death.

Nonetheless, it is also a perfect reminder of how far the black culture has come, especially in mainstream America.


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The Collaboration

T’yanna will be collaborating with the Wet-N-Wild team to offer some social giveaways, which will feature the Big Poppa Mascara and additional signature Wet-N-Wild products.

Before they partnered, Wet-N-Wild had already planned out the concept. So, they approached her because it was the right thing to do; she is Biggie’s daughter, after all.

T’yanna was already a massive follower of the beauty brand, so when they came calling, she jumped on the idea. Having one of her favorite brands promote a product with her father’s name only goes to show how timeless his legacy is. He would certainly be proud of what his kids are doing.

Since T’yanna has a massive following, the Wet-N-Wild team will slowly reel out series of videos on her Instagram and TikTok platforms using the Mascara and showcasing before and after effects of being glamourized by the magical beauty product.

There will also be a contested giveaway during the official launch. Some lucky winners will be awarded the ‘Big Poppa Mascara’ and select products from the Notoriouss Clothing Line.

T’yanna hopes to launch more products down the line, but for now, it all depends on the success of Big Poppa Mascara.

In addition to the special mascara, she is also releasing a limited edition t-shirt on her website. You have to admire her hustle. Even though she’s Biggie Smalls’ daughter, she’s working hard and trying to forge her own path.


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