Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez Cut And Colored Her Natural Hair


The Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez cut her natural hair and did a little color for the gworls!

Joseline recently wrapped up the season of her show Joseline’s Cabaret and released a new song, so the cut was probably an ode to that transition.

In true Joseline fashion she debuted the cut on Instagram dancing to the track of her new song:


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Every now and again she will give a glimpse of her natural hair and in one selfie she admitted that she wishes she could take a break from all the costumes.

This was her post:


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According to Yahoo, they spoke to Joseline around the time of the premiere of the show and the entertainer discussed her growth from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to now.

“I’m a different woman she said. “I’m in a different place. I feel different, I act differently. I’ve changed. I’ve grown up a little bit.” She credits motherhood as the catalyst for her maturation.

“It makes you transform into this strong woman where you can do everything. Not only are you taking care of yourself now, [but] you got to take care of the kids and you still have to be who you are as a person.”

Joseline also has a love for yoga, and that lifestyle is often easier when you have curly hair. Either way we think her cut is super cute.

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