Sanaa Lathan’s Hair Growth Journey From Bald To 2021

Sanaa Lathan hair growth journey

It’s been 3 years since Sanaa Lathan did the big chop, and her hair has come a long way.

Sanaa went bald for her role in Nappily Ever After, a Netflix romantic comedy based on a novel written by Trisha R. Thomas, and has been showing off her hair growth with a few selfies here and there.

Her big chop was done at the end of 2017 and in September she posted what she called ‘her reveal”

Check it out:

September 5th, 2017


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Then a year later in October of 2018, she shared this selfie:

After a ton of protective styles and a whole lot of care, Sanaa shared this selfie in March 2019 just 5 months later.

She even went straight in April 2019:

In February of 2020 Sanaa celebrated two years since chopping her hair with a cute ponytail and bangs.

She wrote this caption:
Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I shaved it all off. It’s been a long journey and I definitely have a new appreciation for my natural hair.

BUT I do need help though. It definitely ain’t easy! 😅 Thankful I have amazing people to help me take care of it. Check out Kim Kimble’s youtube tutorial for this natural twist-out style. Coming soon

and shared this picture:

This is December 2020:

You might be wondering what her update is for 2021? The truth is, we aren’t sure, sis is always rocking a protective style and she is yet to give us a peek at her natural hair today.

This is her braided style shared this month on Instagram.


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So what’s her secret? We would say her hair growth was pretty normal for three years. We would also venture to say, Sanaa wears a ton of protective styles and keeps natural hair manipulation to a minimum.

But since it’s not a secret, Sanaa shared what worked for in her last hair update. She said:
3 years after shaving it off. Protective styles, braids, and almost no heat.


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Are you on a hair growth journey? How is it going for you?


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