Shedding: How Much Is Too Much


Shedding is a natural part of the hair’s growth cycle. On average, between 50 and 150 strands of hair are shed each day. Individual rates vary and can be affected by many factors including the seasons.

Research suggests that some women may notice higher than normal shedding during the Fall months (October and November), however, this is usually nothing to worry about.

You may experience excessive shedding if you’ve experienced any of the following stressors:

• Had an operation
• Weight loss of twenty pounds or more
• high fever
• had a baby (postpartum shedding)
• had an illness particularly if this illness involved a high fever
• been through a stressful situation such as job loss, divorce etc.
• Stopped taking birth-control pills

Excessive shedding usually shows up within a few months of undergoing the stressful event. This shedding is usually temporary. For example, postpartum shedding usually begins about 8 weeks after birth. As your body readjusts and returns to normal after the stressful event, your shedding will normalize and your hair will return to its usual fullness, but it might take a few months to do so.

Whatever the cause, shedding, even normal shedding can be unnerving. Seeing shedding can cause you to stress out which will in turn cause more shedding if the stress is prolonged and not addressed. Try not to worry, but if you’re seriously concerned, seeking medical advice is the best thing to do. It may give you peace of mind that the cause is nothing serious, or it can help you address whatever the underlying cause of the shedding is and restore your health, which is also a plus.

If you notice that you are losing hair in a specific region or that your part has gotten wider, then you are likely to be suffering from hair loss and not just normal shedding and you should visit your doctor for help. Otherwise, try to incorporate tea rinses (green tea, black tea or black coffee) into your hair regimen. Tea rinses are known to reduce shedding and as an added benefit, the caffeine in tea will boost your hair growth.

If you want to try a Tea Rinse, here is a tutorial to help you along:


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