Staying Balanced In Mind, Body, and Soul Can Be Hard AF—3 Black-Owned Brands Making It Easier

Founder of Golde, Trinity Mouzon Wofford (photographed for Fashionista)

The most important aspect of staying balanced in mind, body, and soul is having the right elements in your environment to assist you in doing so.

No, you don’t need to splurge on a million different products, or spend copious amounts of time in silence to be a centered individual, but having a core routine certainly helps. 

Keeping this in mind, you must fully understand that becoming a balanced person also requires an even-keeled approach. One way to achieve this is by investing in trusted brands that truly seek to help you while also aligning with your values. 

These three black owned brands do exactly that. Plus they understand that doing it alone can be hard AF—here’s how they’re making it easy for you and the collective as a whole. 

Inner Workout – Personal Development 

Personal development workshops for internal balance.

Founded by Taylor Elyse Morrison, Inner Workout is a self-care support system dedicated to helping you build up the skill of self-care so that it’s a strong pillar in your daily life. 

Inner Workout offers materials such as exercise bundles, journals, and affirmative cards that help you with physical movement, energetic breathwork, mindful journaling, active meditation, and introspection. 

Think of it as a therapist, spa, and yoga studio rolled into a single, inexpensive, on-demand bundle of materials—just for you and the personal balance you need. 

The really cool thing about Inner Workout is that if you’re not sure you’re ready to invest in their personal bundles, you can listen to their podcast and/or join their classes for as low as $10/session. 

Alexandra Winbush – Candles & Tea 

Candles and tea for balance.

Sometimes staying balanced in yourself comes down to creating an atmosphere of peace and good vibes, and nobody knows that better than the very cozy Alexandra Winbush. 

Created by Brittney Winbush, Alexandra Winbush is a wellness brand that specializes in luxury tea blend and candle collections that take on unique themes such as the zesty and vibrant “Sunday in Brooklyn” collection. 

Unlike other brands that are only looking to sell you sets because it’s convenient to pair them together, Alexandra Winbush aims to sell you an entire experience. 

My favorite thing about the company is that, with every purchase, there’s a carefully curated playlist that fits the vibe attached to your chosen theme. 

Golde – Superfood Blends 

Superfood blends for nutritional balance.

When Trinity Mouzon Wofford came up with Golde from the comfort of her 1-bedroom apartment in 2017, there was only one blend—the Organic Turmeric Latte Blend. 

Now, a whole four years later, Golde is a “small but mighty” company that offers over 20 health and wellness products (and a gift card!) created to make you feel balanced in body first—and then the mind and soul will surely follow. 

Golde is dedicated to creating various blends that aide you in staying balanced by making sure you get all of the nutrients and antioxidants necessary to become and remain well. 

And their super authentic, too! Golde uses Matcha sourced directly from Uji, Japan and have even moved into formulating skincare products with ingredients we already know, love, and can pronounce. 

Have you tried any of these incredible black-owned brands? What’s your favorite way to stay balanced? Let us know in the comments below. 

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