SZA Blasts Photographer for Putting Out Pictures Of Her Without Consent – “I begged you not to post these”

SZA Blasts Photagrapher for Putting Out Pictures Of Her Without Her Consent -

Sza is putting celebrity photographer Edwig Henson on blast for sharing pictures without her consent. On Twitter, SZA shared a series of Tweets saying:

He literally text me, and said “sorry if you never want to work with me again but I decided I’m releasing these” never felt more powerless in my life”

In a second Tweet she shared:

Releasing pictures of me without my consent is scary. Yall be careful working with folk you don’t know well.”

Read below:

Henson posts the pictures of SZA to his Instagram and has limited the comments to the post.

SZA commented on the post saying “I begged you not to post these”.

However, his caption speaks to how amazing the shoot was.

He writes: “Took SZA into my world she’s amazing behind the mic and camera. Very impromptu shoot but came out amazing if I do say so myself.”

SZA’s comment is below:

The hairstylist for the shoot @brianasai has also reposted the pictures to her page and has limited her comments as well.

She wrote a note in her stories sharing she isn’t deleting any pictures.

Her post:

On Twitter, SZA fans are calling for the photographer to remove the pictures, calling him gross for not complying.




Users are also asking that blogs and accounts refrain from reposting the pictures.


Sad! We hope these professionals do the right thing. 


  1. That is quite unprofessional of him to release the pics when she asked him not to. He may feel they are amazing and they may be but he agreed when she asked him not to. She may have allowed him to release them in the future or not but it should have been her choice. He should not be surprised if no one wants to work with his no pro no go azzzz.


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