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I love this style by Curldaze so much that there was no way this day could end without sharing it. It's a glamorous braid on one side and curls on the other side style that's perfect for New Years Eve if you want something cute to rock. Watch the video below: The...
Our girl Chime Edwards has been doing a Style Challenge on Instagram and on Youtube and I have really been enjoying how different and unique the styles are. Chime is encouraging women and high school students to step outside of the box with their style choices daring them to be...
Jade Janelle cut her hair her under cut/fade has been shared everywhere! I decided to join the bandwagon because her cut it hella dope. Check out the view: Get inspired!
Every now and again I will do a twist out and not feel quite comfortable with what I see in the mirror. What did I do wrong? Was it my products? Was it the technique? After 5 years of styling my natural hair though I have been able to pin-point some...

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