5 Steps For The Best Twist Out Ever


Every now and again I will do a twist out and not feel quite comfortable with what I see in the mirror. What did I do wrong? Was it my products? Was it the technique?

After 5 years of styling my natural hair though I have been able to pin-point some of the things that need to be in place for me to actually love my twist out. With that said here are 5 simple tips you can use to perfect your twist out.

1. Trim

This for me is the number one thing that I was missing when my twist outs started to look a little embarrassing. Honestly your hair will twist better, the ends won’t tangle and your style will look better overall.

2. Layer your products

Moisturized hair looks great regardless of the style you are doing, so layer your products in the correct order for maximum moisture retention. Liquid, Cream, oil then styler!

3. Do not use too much product

You want your hair to move right? For those of you with fine hair, this is especially important because you do not want your hair to be so weighed down that you can hardly move it. Use a little bit of product per section.

4. Allow the style to dry

Your products will ‘wet’ the hair a bit so allow the style to set properly before releasing the twists. This eliminates frizz and allows the style to last longer.

5. Cover your hair at night

If you want your twist out to last all week long, then cover your hair with a bonnet or scarf every night so that you can retain moisture.

Bonus tip
For a big fluffy look, use an afro pick to raise the roots of the hair until you get your desired fullness. Have you perfected your twist out yet?

Featured image – @naptural85


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