The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your Mood


You know the feeling. You’re up by five every day, you hit the HIIT, head off to work only to be stacked with meetings all day.

You miss a deadline or two, and now your boss can’t seem to give you a break. You then get home in the evening only to be greeted by a pile of dirty dishes and clothes scattered all over your carpet.

You can’t seem to take a breather, and your Zen is all jumbled up.

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

According to research, there’s more to fragrance than just scent – it’s a postern to emotions, experiences, and memories.

That means that if you wear an alluring perfume for your first date, a spritz might trigger romantic memories even after the event passes.

The scent-memory connection has also been shown to improve mood and concentration.

So if you associate the smell of roses with romance or coffee with work deadlines, a scented candle can help conjure up those memories and trigger similar effects.

To prove this and show you that they’re more than just an aesthetic, here are some science-backed candle scents that can help alleviate stress, elevate your mood, boost focus, soothe nerves, and get your Zen up.

Jasmine: Calm

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your Mood - PerfumeFeeling anxious about a work meeting, interview, or deadline? Try adding a Jasmine-scented candle to your nighttime routine (just be sure to blow it out before drifting to dreamland).

The floral scents of Jasmine and Lavender have roots in customary aromatherapy rituals, and there’s an excellent reason for that.

According to several researchers, the smell of Jasmine can help boost a positive mood state and enhance your brain’s beta wave activity.

So, if you’ve been feeling a little stressed out by work lately, use the scent as your go-to desktop candle for those stress-triggering days.

Lavender: Relaxed

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your MoodThere’s something about Lavender that just screams meditation and Zen. With just a whiff, your inner yogi comes to play, and suddenly your day couldn’t be any better.

According to studies, the scent helps decrease heart rate and allows you to recharge your mind.

It also features anti-depressant properties due to its uplifting capabilities that generate a feeling of confidence, relaxation, revitalized energy, and optimism.

Citrus: Productivity

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your MoodIt’s no accident that a whiff of citrus on a cold day makes you feel cheerier and calm.
The scent has also been shown to reenergize, boost focus and improve productivity.

A local fragrance firm actually discovered that infusing your office with the citrus scent prompts employees to make 54% fewer ‘typos’ than they’d do without it.

Lemony scents also help alleviate anxiety and stress by boosting norepinephrine levels, a brain chemical associated with decision-making and improved motivation.

So next time you have writer’s block or can’t get past the second sentence on your project, light up a citrus candle and enjoy your ‘light bulb’ moment.

Peppermint: Perky

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your MoodA peppermint-scented candle is the perfect Monday morning pick me up.

A slew of studies found that it helps fight mental fatigue, exhaustion and improve overall performance. It’s even been used to assist students in taking tests.

Quick tip: Make sure to use a peppermint candle on the days when you can’t seem to get out of bed. You’ll thank us later.

Pine: Joy

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your MoodImagine taking a stroll through a pine farm, shafts of lights twinkling through the canopy, the Christmas spirit wafting with the wind, and woody scents filling your senses. Doesn’t it evoke cheer, joy, and relaxation?

Well, scientific studies suggest that pine scents can help alleviate stress and promote feelings of joy and greater well-being.

So if you’ve looking for a way to spark up some cheer in your home, try out a pine-scented candle and reap the benefits.

Vanilla: Sensuous

Have you ever passed by a bakery when you’re all stressed out, smelled a whiff of vanilla essence, and just found yourself buying a box of vanilla cupcakes that you didn’t need? Yeah, us too.

Science suggests that vanilla scents have a way of making you feel calm, uplifted, and even sensuous. It’s also been shown to be the perfect scent when you need to set up a candlelit dinner due to its seductive aroma.

Rose: Romance

If you have the romance bug, it’s hard to pass up a perfect rose-scented candle. The scent of roses is notoriously known to spark feelings of adventure and romance.

Some researchers have also found out that it can help improve your dreams.

So, next time you’re having your evening bath, light up a rose-scented candle and get into the happy-dream mood.

Salted Caramel: Satiated

Looking for a gift to send someone’s way? Try the salted caramel candle. It’s not a popular candle option, but various reviews show that the candle helps create a homey, calm, and relaxed environment.

The sweet scent of caramel also helps curb cravings. So next time you have nighttime cravings or find yourself stacking bags of crisps or Cheetos in your bedside drawer, light up a salted caramel or even coconut candle after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cinnamon: Focused

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your Mood

Feeling scatter-brained? Light up a cinnamon candle.

Various studies link the smell of cinnamon and improved focus. It’s also been shown to boost cognitive function, increase motivation, and fight mental fatigue.

So keep a cinnamon-scented candle on your work desk and inhale the spicy fragrance when the 2 p.m. miasma rolls in.

Almond: Painless

The Best Candle Scents to Uplift Your MoodStruggling with migraines and back pain? Set out an almond-scented candle.

According to a Canadian research study, when 20 women inhaled the aroma of almond extract, their back pain subsided compared to inhaling scents like vinegar.

The sweet natural scent also helps uplift mood and evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

Call Me Queen: Queenly Vibes

Call me queen candleDo you need a safe place to place your crown? Call Me Queen will do just that.

This sweetly scented candle is made up of natural essential oils including sea salt, jasmine and lily of the valley.

The combination of jasmine mixed with the lily of the valley makes for a tranquil ambiance.

Kingdom Legacy: A King’s Rule

Call me queen collection: Kingdom Legacy

A wonderful way to spruce up your throne is an evening with Kingdom Legacy.

Blended with essential oils of sage, grapefruit, and orange. The deep character of citrus, sage and amber appeals to both masculine and feminine sensibilities.

The spiced amber will permeate throughout your space soothing the atmosphere. The citrus will cleanse the air from unwanted odors.

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