This Black Woman Amassed Over 1.2 Million In Investment Property In Just One Year

Rashida Flemming

You all already know from some of my posts that I am a sucker for all things black girl magic and I get super excited when I can share dope story about a black woman who is making an impact in her world.

I met Rashida (Shi’e) Fleming at a conference where she was delivering a message about wealth and wealth management and had the opportunity to have a short conversation about who she was and what exactly she did for a living.

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You know how it is…. a black girl standing up there telling you she makes millions, you would be a fool not to try to meet her right?

My plan was simple, since I had given her a card earlier that day I figured I would just walk over to her and ask her about her story after her presentation!

Girl, I was not ready! Not only was she humble and sweet as a donut on a Saturday morning…after she really broke down her impact I was floored!

The only thing I could ask her was where in hell had she been all my life? and question her on why she wasn’t well known?

Immediately I regretted that assumption because the truth is, Rashida is known! Her connections are solid but she just doesn’t live on Instagram and Facebook like most of these ‘gurus’ we meet on a daily basis do.

They call her the ‘hidden gem of Dallas’ because the lady has amassed an entire investment empire along with her partner Troy Rich Jr. and she is ‘GOODT’ at what she does.

To give you some perspective on just what that means, I asked Rashida, to give me a number,(caz you know ya girl is nosey) I wanted to know approximately in one year what a dollar value in investment property looked like for her.

This lady said: “Ahhh…. more than 1.2 million”!

Yup, so here I am standing in front of a multi millionaire who is black, who happens to be from the Caribbean like me and I am at a loss for words. What I want to say is—- What *Claps* I *claps* gotta do *claps* Rashida? How can I do that? and can you teach me like now…. in the next hour!?

So this is what Rashida shared

Rashida and her partner Troy created a company called TLMiG (The Little Man Investment Group) which is a platform that operates income-producing assets and aggressive investment strategies in the private real estate market.

They provide an avenue for individual investors to earn dividends produced through residential and commercial real estate ownership without actually having to go out and buy properties. They provide access to a professionally managed, diversified portfolio.

So essentially a person can invest in million-dollar deals without writing million-dollar checks. They make it easy to inspect every project in your portfolio and will keep you updated on each project’s progress. The real estate assets owned by the shareholders may include bulk homes, community development, office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, self-storage facilities and mortgages or loans (also referred to as A & B-Notes).

Girl it’s alot! – Rashida and Troy know that what they do is pretty complexed but what I love about them is that they have also created a platform that teaches financial education to people like you and me all while giving us exclusive access to their investments.


They teach kids, millenials, baby boomers, salon business owners, stylists – you name it because they believe that you have to be educated first before diving into investing and real estate so you know what to do with your money when you get it.

Their financial education platform is called the Financial Leadership Center and it’s headquartered in the Dallas area. So you know your girl had to strike a deal because Rashida and Troy are literally in my backyard.

Do you want to meet Rashida?

As I mentioned I met Rashida and was floored by her story but what really got me was how much education they were bringing to our community and how in line their message was with mine.

I am all about education especially in our beauty and hair space because I see salon owners, and business people mismanage their money every single day.

We are a match made in heaven sooooooooo…….EmilyCottonTop is partnering with the Financial Leadership Center long term and as part of our partnership Rashida will share #moneymaking tips with us every single week!

However if you want to participate in her workshops as members and learn about the Financial Leadership Center, just click here or below:

We Are Going Live Tomorrow

I wanted some action this week! So last week we met up and planned exactly how this partnership would look because I could not wait to start working together.

To start! You all will get to meet her – I convinced shy girl Rashida to Go Live on our Facebook Page to share a tip or two! She is going yo show us one way to save $1000 a month using a fabulous little work sheet they developed at FLC. If you want to learn about it, show up tomorrow October 15th at 12.00 PM CST for our first Lunch and Learn event!

I cannot wait to introduce you to “The Hidden Gem of Dallas”!


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