This Fashion Designer Went Viral When She Shared That She Dates And Has A Boyfriend Of 2 Years


Fashion Designer Kanise, had people on social media confused when she shared a now viral video detailing a day in her life.

She shared all the details of her day, including making dinner for her boyfriend of two years and then going on a date with another man.

As you can imagine we all had to listen again, at least those of us, who aren’t familiar with Kanise’s lifestyle.

The video was shared on TikTok and has garnered thousands of likes shares and views.

Watch below:

Kanise shared a comment on her video for those people who were confused, she said:

For everyone confused: I have a man ( 2 years) but until my taxes say married I’m single. He has the option to date as well but chooses not to.

For even more context, Kanise is in a open relationship with her boyfriend. Initially she wanted to multi date, but fell in love with her boyfriend.

Her decision to be in an open relationship was made with her partner and she doesn’t not feel that she should give her partner her full commitment without a ring.

It truly is that simple!

Our comment section had a variety of opinions:

Wait, she cooked for her dude but then went on a date?

I mean….she said “I’m single until I’m married” 🤷🏾‍♀️ If her man is cool with an open relationship then it’s all good

This is the generation of attention seekers.

It’s dumb! You commit to be married. You’re not single if you’re in a relationship that is growing towards marriage. Just playing James out here.

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and then there is this:

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