This Micro Sisterlocks Install Cost Around $3800 And Worth Every Penny


The below video was shared on TikTok by Vanity Hair Salon studio NYC, and people couldn’t believe the cost of the micro sisterlocks that the client was wearing.

According to the salon, the cost to install or create 4 inches of Micro sister locs is $2000, and then $100 for every inch after that.

The client below is rocking 18 inches of hair so the total cost is $3800 despite what “siri” says. 

Watch below:


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More pictures:

Apart from how gorgeous the install is, most of the comments and questions surrounded the cost.


I cannot believe all of these comments?

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In our opinion, the cost is worth it because of the time it takes to do the style and the skill set involved.

Sisterlocks were created and developed by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in 1993 and the service is an investment because the style is expected to be permanent.

The locs are installed using a very specific loc tool and should be done by a certified sisterlock consultant.

The cost of installation can be anywhere from $400-$4000 depending on the Sisterlock consultant you go to.

You will have to maintain the style with fresh retwists every two months. What do you think about the style and the cost? Comment below!


  1. I just had my sisterlocks established; my hair was 17″….65 hours to complete. My loctician did charged me less than $2000; after, 3 days and only 1/2 done I recognized how much work it was and felt bad. I live in TX so it’s a little cheaper out here. I ended up giving her a $500 tip after recognizing how detailed she was being and not rushing through my hair. Getting sisterlocks has been a blessing and I am glad I did it.


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