This Mom Wrote A Book Called ‘Fearless’ To Give Positive Representation For Children With Disabilities


Pause. Take a minute (or two). Think about your favorite superhero.

Are they super-strong? Super-fast? Super-charming, maybe? Like most of us, your mind probably rushed to Thor, Supergirl, Spiderman, Black Panther, or Black Lightning.

Now, let’s switch it up.

If you, yourself, could have a superpower, what would it be? To be invisible? Have superhuman strength? Shoot lasers? To fly (or something along those lines)?

You see, when most people think about a superhero, they usually picture an out-of-this-world being who’s super-strong, super-fast, and can fly. But why should being a superhero mean you have to be all buffed up and have a Thor-like body?

Who represents the voiceless? Who stands for the weak and affirm? Who can show that young autistic girl or young boy with epilepsy that they too can be fearless and powerful enough to defeat Thanos and other real-life villains?

Well, that would undoubtedly be… drumrolls, please

Fearless – the Amazing Boy with Special Abilities


You’re probably wondering, did I miss a new superhero movie? Why hasn’t my always-in-know friend told me about Fearless? And who is Fearless, and what are his superpowers?

Fearless is a phenomenal, soul-stirring, child-empowering book by Carmella Alexander.

The story is centered on her son, Amir, a disabled young kid who is a superhero in his dreams.

Amir was born with an extremely rare epilepsy disorder that affects a small percentage of children globally.

The life expectancy of kids with this disease is as young as two weeks to 12 years old.


For Carmella, the thought that she might not get a chance to see her son grow up or see him walk or talk took a toll on her.

It is one of the most heart-wrenching news a parent could ever receive – definitely a parent’s worst nightmare.

However, she knew she had to wipe her tears, stand up, pick up her badge of honor and be her son’s and practically every kid with a disability’s biggest advocate and voice!

Enter: Fearless – the Amazing Boy with Special Abilities.

The book portrays Amir, Fearless, as the superhero he is!

It is a positively powerful and heart-warming representation of disabled children and how the world should view them – as a symbol of strength and encouragement to all afflicted with disability.

It certifies that even though a kid might not be able to see, walk or talk, every kid deserves the right to have an imagination and every form of representation!

It helps kids peer into the lenses of a young, strong-willed, and imaginative kid (who is sick but believes he has cool friends who are just like him and super-strong too), and see past their disability and view them as the super-awesome, super-cool kids they are – maybe even their real-life superheroes!

It teaches them that no matter your limitations, you can be a superhero as long as you have a good cape on (kidding) and are as fearless as Fearless!

It is definitely one of the most worthwhile, awe-inspiring page-turners to get your hands on this year!

If you can’t wait to gift your child, niece/nephew, or even yourself (because why not?) a copy, click here and be among the first to know all about Fearless – the Amazing Boy with Special Abilities!


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