Twitter Debates Whether Braids Are Appropriate For A Bridal Style After Tweet Goes Viral


A Twitter user sparked a huge conversation about whether or not braids are appropriate for a wedding.

Read the tweet below:

Obviously, the answer for us is an astounding yes, because we have seen some gorgeous brides with braids of all lengths and sizes. Twitter was in a frenzy responding to the tweet with over 188K likes and over 25K retweets.

Many of the users questioned argued that someone did not have to be married to have an opinion about wedding hair, and others questioned whether Auntie was stuck in the dark ages or not.

Read some of the tweets below:

That was rude. You could’ve politely shown her pictures of weddings where brides were wearing braids and how it looked. Everyone wants to be savage these days, what have you gained from being mean towards her?

and this one:

and this:

And this:

Then Lonnie chimed in with his two cents:





Here’s the thing, we understand where Auntie is coming from, there are traditional wedding styles that some people are just used to seeing. Anything different becomes weird.

But things have certainly changed over the years and brides have so much to choose from.

Women are wearing fros, braids, updos, ponytails!

All are gorgeous.

If you are looking for some braided bride hairstyle inspo you should definitely head to Pinterest and show the family while you are at it.

Here are a few we found to help your search!

How would your older family members feel about braids as a wedding style? Comment below!


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