Update: Police Are Saying Nenobia Washington Committed Suicide By Falling 6 Stories To Her Death


Recently we reported the sad news that Influencer Nenobia known as The Queen of Brooklyn passed away.

Now more details are coming out surrounding her death.

According to TMZ police are saying it appears she fell to her death from a building.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … police and paramedics responded around 7:40 PM Saturday and found Nenobia unconscious and unresponsive in front of an NYC building.

We’re told she was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

TMZ sources say the preliminary investigation revealed Nenobia’s injuries appear indicative of a fall from an elevated position, and it’s believed she intentionally jumped from 6 stories up, but the investigation is ongoing and the Medical Examiner has not yet determined the official cause of death.

David Jackson, father of Nenobia’s son, told TMZ that he was told she fell from a window, but the family has gotten varying accounts about what happened from people who claimed to have witnessed the incident.

While there were reports Nenobia went missing before her death, Jackson tells us she talked to their son, Tyeleck, the night before her death and she was never missing.

A GoFundme has been set up for her memorial service, and it has raised over $31K so far.

According to the details of the Gofundme:

We are looking to raise funds for Nenobia Washington aka BK TidalWave going home service.

Nenobia brought laughter and tears she was loved by many so we are going to make it as nice as we can for her.

Once we have secured a location we will set the plans up so the people that would like to show their respects can.

We are going have a celebration for The Queen of Brooklyn. The event will be in Brooklyn.

The extras leftover will be used to help me take care of Tyeleck. We appreciate everything everyone has done for her. May God bless you all.

Last month On live, Nenobia told her followers that she was pushed out of a window before:

Hoping they keep investigating Nenobia was just 38 years old.

RIP Queen.


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