“I Wanted A Change” – Elle From Curls Unbothered Explains Why She Cut Her Waist Length Hair

Elle of Curls Unbothered

As I sit here with a head full of henna and loathing the super long wash day process I came across Elle from Curls Unbothered’ video where she explained why she cut her waist length hair.

I suppose I was looking for her to say something super profound, something different from all the other women who decide to chop their hair and post it on social media, but she didn’t. Let me be clear there is nothing wrong with what she said but the point I am trying to make is that many of us who decide to do the big chop again have a lot in common especially when you are in the social media space.

The common reasons I have heard so far:

1. I cut because I wanted to
2. I am so much more than my hair
3. I want to show you more than just a hair tutorial
4. I want a change

As Elle said in her video there is a common misconception that you only choose to big chop because you have damaged hair, color or a relaxer. Sometimes women cut their hair because they just want a change and the freedom to step outside of the world of hair especially if that is how they have built their business online.

Watch Elle’s videos below:

When she cut her hair:

Why she cut her hair

When I cut my hair which I will, it will be because I want a little more freedom and character from my hair. Short cuts can give you that especially when you cut your hair in a cute style.

Long hair is amazing, and some of us frankly just prefer to have it, but if you do have long hair and you are bored, it is ok to give yourself permission to cut it.

Comment below if you have had long hair and went for a dramatic cut! – Tell us why!


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