Watch Partially Deaf TikToker Do Her Rendition of “Busted” By The Isley Brothers Using Sign Language


18-year-old Gabrielle Victoria is partially deaf and she went viral on TikTok after posting her creative reenactment of the song “Busted” by the Isley Brothers.

Gabby is deaf in her left ear and partially deaf in her right ear, but you would never know because sis is next level with her appreciation for the arts.

Her TikTok is a mix of dancing, singing, and funny skits.

With that said, Gabby posted a snip of herself formulating how she would do Busted by the Isley Brothers, and then once she figured it out, she did 3 whole videos of the entire song.

AND! She did the whole thing using sign language.

With over 6.8 Million views on one of the videos alone, she had us all watching multiple times.

Watch part 1


BUSTED‼️💀 stay tuned for part 2😭 #asl

♬ original sound – 1seven films

Watch part 2


BUSTED‼️💀 stay tuned for part 3😭#asl

♬ original sound – Yeathatsgabby_

Watch part 3


The LAST part 😭🤟🏾 #asl #isleybrothers

♬ original sound – Yeathatsgabby_

We posted all three parts together on our Instagram below:


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