Watch Teyana Taylor’s Daughter Junie Check The Audience At Her Mom’s Concert – “Whoever Is Acting Sassy, They Need To Get Out”


Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr affectionately known as Junie went viral for checking the audience during her mother’s “The Last Rose Petal” tour.

Junie has been routinely performing alongside her mother but on this particular night, Teyana stopped the show to check the audience who apparently started to get a bit rowdy during Junie’s performance.

Teyana says “I don’t want no F****ing fighting when my baby performs” and then Junie adds “Whoever Is Acting Sassy, They Need To Get Out”.

Then she says “Period Pooh” for a little razzle dazzle.

Watch the moment below:

Little sis, said what she said. Junie is her mother’s child!

Watch little Junie perform her set below:



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