Water-Only Washing Is Actually Not A Bad Idea For Hair Growth


Water-only washing is exactly what it sounds like: washing your hair with nothing but water. Now I know this sounds a little bit crazy–and let’s be real, it sounds like it could be gross–but the method has it’s benefits.

I tried water-only washing for the first time this year and personally, I think it’s great! I noticed my hair feeling thicker and fuller, as well as appearing noticeably longer after doing it for a few months. It felt softer and rarely tangled after I wet it.

However, washing products out of my hair was a pain and the natural oils on my scalp started to build up at a faster rate than I had ever seen–leading to horribly oily hair.

So yes, it had benefits as well as downsides, but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s worth trying!

How It Works

There’s typically a lot of anticipation built around wash day. There are things that you do before, during, and after the wash and messing up/skipping even one of those steps could have an effect on how your hair turns out.

Water-only washing eliminates all of the tediousness that comes with the process, in a way. You don’t need to worry about shampoo or conditioner, so you don’t really need to figure out what to use as a pre-poo either.

At most, you’ll wash your hair with water–massaging your scalp and roots during the process–and then moisturize and seal afterwards.

You can either make this your normal wash day routine or you can try this method occasionally, when you want a break from using hair products.

Pros and Cons

The pros to washing your hair with only water is that your hair is being hydrated, you don’t have to worry about dryness brought on by chemicals, there is less of a chance you have to deal with frizz and tangles, it calls for low maintenance and manipulation, and moisture will lock into your hair much easier.

On the downside, your hair may become oily and heavy, itchiness and scalp issues may occur, you might not be able to thoroughly wash out products from your hair, build up on scalp, and may do absolutely nothing for curl definition.

The pros and cons you experience will depend heavily on the current state of your hair health, hair type/texture, and your everyday regimen and routines.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use light oils, mists, and serums. Heavy products like creams and butters can contribute to build up on your hair and scalp; causing you to wash your hair with hot water frequently (hot water dries and damages hair).
  • Cleanse scalp. Sectioning off your hair and wiping down your scalp directly with a wet towel will help for a more thorough wash.
  • Use shampoo! You don’t have to ditch it all together. Alternating between shampoo and water-only washing creates a healthy balance of methods for your hair.

Watch Border Hammer give tips after doing water only washing after a year:



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