What Are 5 Things You Would Never Do While Black Working In Corporate America?


We have been enjoying the ‘5 Things’ trend on TIKTOK where people are saying 5 things they would never do in their

For example – 5 things you would never do as a dentist, 5 things you would never do as an HR recruiter, and many more.

We came across one that was particularly interesting.

Jay Maliq made a video titled the top 5 things he would never do in corporate America as a black executive and his choices had us nodding our heads in agreement.

The question is, do you agree with him?

Here are his top 5 things he would never do while working in corporate America (while black)

1. Never disclose all your personal details
2. Never make a mistake and not own it
3. Never play the victim
4. Never not keep a paper trail
5. Never speak more than you listen

Watch below:

Do you agree with him? What would you add?

Comment below!

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  1. LISTEN!!!! These are the codes to live by especially that paper trail, standing on what you said or hear and correcting mistakes points!!!


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