What She Wanted VS. What She Got Finger Wave Edition

What she wanted VS what she Got - Finger waves edition

Picture this! You head to the salon with a picture of a bomb finger wave style and you give it to the stylist for her to recreate it on you.

The stylist tells you she can do it and charges $50 to get your hair done. This is the picture you show the stylist:

finger waves gone bad

Of course, you are expecting that if there are any issues at all, she will let you know upfront but that never really happens. You do have some suspicion that something was wrong but you don’t really say anything.

Then you leave the salon thinking everything is ok until your daughter takes a good look at your hair.

She then proceeds to make you aware! Mom….what you wanted and what you actually received, are two different things.

So the back of your head looks like this:

finger waves gone bad

A far cry from the original picture.


We saw this exact scenario play out on a post shared on social media shared by Chef P a young lady otherwise known as (@pauley_d) on Instagram.

In a hilarious text exchange with her mom, she was pretty direct about how jacked up mom’s style was. 

Read her hilarious exchange with mom below: 

The post is now on the @theshaderoom and had to share it here!

Oh, man! Sorry, mom!

If you want to learn how to finger wave, we have a post we shared a while back that you can check out. click here.


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