Young and Successful! 15-Year-Old Gabby Goodwin Launches Salon and Retail Store

Young and Successful! 15-Year-Old Gabby Goodwin Launches Salon and Retail Store

Gabby Goodwin has to be one of the most inspirational teenagers out there.

The Columbia, South Carolina native is now the CEO of a retail store, and a salon for young women, Confidence by Gabby Goodwin.

Realizing Her Dreams

The grand opening took place on December 4, complete with a ribbon-cutting.

Even the Columbia Chamber of Commerce dropped in to congratulate the young entrepreneur.

Located at Columbia’s 3525 Bush River Road, the store sells plant-based natural hair products along with GaBBY Bows.

GaBBY Bows are double-face, double-snap barrettes that act as a solution to the common barrettes that almost always disappear.

Since launching GaBBY Bows, the teenager has always dreamed of having a physical storefront.

The family-owned Confidence by Gabby Goodwin is the culmination of that dream. According to Gabby’s father, Mike Goodwin, the storefront is a level of validation for the brand.

People can now physically come and buy her products.

The store even has a salon that caters to young women.

Using Success to Inspire

Mike also revealed that Gabby has had a major impact on her community, especially among young girls.

By going after her dreams from such a tender age, she has shown the community that there is no “right time” to start pursuing your dreams.

People of all ages can say to themselves that if a little girl can be successful, why can’t they?

The young CEO is all about sharing her knowledge, too. She has started a business mentorship program aimed at young girls.

Her program teaches them how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Gabby revealed that through the program, other girls can learn everything she herself learned the hard way while she was younger.

Hopefully, this will let them become more confident in themselves and just better people in general.

The Next Step

Even though Gabbie has taken a major step forward with the storefront, she’s nowhere near done.

As Confidence by Gabby Goodwin and GaBBY Bows continue to grow, she aims to recruit more young girls who wish to be entrepreneurs.


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