YouTube Music’s Rachel Jackson Gives Rising Stars a Platform

Rachel Jackson
Photo credit: AfroTech

Rachel Jackson is a woman on a mission.

She works as YouTube Music’s Artist Partnerships Team’s artist relationships manager.

And she is using her position to offer a platform for upcoming stars.

A Humble but Passion-Driven Start

Rachel Jackson
Photo credit: Instagram – Rachel Jackson

Jackson’s journey began when she was still at a tender age.

She started out as a ballerina and soon gained an increasing love of music.

Her passion for music grew so immense that she interned at the Ludacris-owned Disturbing The Peace Records.

Later, Rachel Jackson became Roc Nation Label’s director of A&R.

She then gained the attention of YouTube and became the brand’s artist relations manager.

She Led The Debut Shoppable Film

Photo credit: LBB Online

Rachel Jackson led her team to create the world’s first shoppable film.

To promote it, she employed a hybrid TV and web campaign that featured Saweetie.

She was also behind Google’s #BlackOwnedFriday campaign, which featured Normani and T-Pain.

This latter project highlighted 100 Black-owned products and 50 Black-owned brands that users could shop and connect with using just one click.

Rachel Jackson is Giving Rising Black YouTube Stars a Platform

Rachel Jackson
Photo credit: Instagram – Rachel Jackson

Rachel is not taking things easy.

She is currently running her latest initiative, part of the #YouTube Black Voices Fund.

Her initiative is for Black communities and artists to access equitable resources that help them take their careers to a higher level.

The initiative uses the $100 million allocated to the #YouTube Black Voices Fund to advance Black creators on its platform.

So far, the fund has benefited over 300 songwriters, producers, artists, and creators.

Supporting Indie Artists

Rachel Jackson
Photo credit: Instagram – Rachel Jackson

Rachel also supports indie artists through Foundry, the global artist development program.

Indie and unsigned artists can receive a monetary grant that gives them access to partner managers.

Over 150 artists from 15 countries have benefitted from this, including modern-day stars like Dua Lipa and Gunna.

Giving Underrepresented Musicians a Voice

Rachel Jackson
Photo credit: Instagram – Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson’s efforts are helping Black and other underrepresented artists worldwide.

She plans to make YouTube Music the leading revenue driver for artists and has implemented vital first steps.

Time will tell how big YouTube Music grows, but we know it’s in good hands.

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