3 Amazing All-Natural Skincare Products From Black Owned Businesses That Work For Hyperpigmentation


Hyperpigmentation is no joke! Dark spots, acne scars, and general discoloration can be difficult to treat—especially on darker skin tones.

Luckily, there are black-owned cosmetic and skincare brands that know exactly what it takes to help black women successfully treat these issues.

Here are 3 all-natural skincare products that work wonders for hyperpigmentation.

Ayele & Co – Pumpkin Vitamin Mask


Formulated with pumpkin enzyme that naturally and gently eats away at dead skin, this Pumpkin Vitamin Mask by Ayele & Co is just what you need to correct your hyperpigmentation.

Pumpkin contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are great for improving cell turnover and preventing breakouts that worsen dark marks and scars.

The mask also contains Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B-3 that helps effectively protect skin from damage by building up protein.

why it’s a must-have: Aside from fading dark spots, the Pumpkin Vitamin Mask is also great for wrinkles, fine lines, and generally dull skin.

It turns your skin into a soft, supple, and smooth foundation that is suitable for natural, skin-like makeup looks, and even makes you more confident with wearing no makeup at all. 

Pholk Beauty – H2Oil Hemp X Hibiscus Night Oil

hyperpigmentation“Melanin magic in a bottle” is the perfect description for Pholk’s H2Oil Hemp x Hibiscus Night Oil because it truly is nothing short of magic.

The Senegalese Hibiscus seed oil gently exfoliates dead skin, while the infused peony firms and tightens your skin, and the hempseed evens out the tone of your skin.

The best part? It’s a light, refreshing oil that is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

It doesn’t clog your pores or cause any irritation or inflammation, so those of you who struggle with conditions such as acne or eczema can comfortably use it with other products and treatments. 

why it’s a must have: For most products, it’s imperative that you apply it all over your face in order for it to be effective.

However, with the Hemp X Hibiscus Night Oil, that’s not exactly the case. You could apply a thin layer all over your face if you wanted to, but if you just wanted to spot treat stubborn dark marks and scars, you can absolutely do that!

Spot treatment ensures that your problem areas get special attention. Plus, it saves you a ton of product! 

Base Butter – Radiate Face Jelly

hyperpigmentationHyperpigmentation is only made worse with dehydrated skin.

This means that it’s important for you to effectively hydrate and moisturize your face if you want a fighting chance at fading dark spots and evening your skin tone.

Base Butter’s Radiate Face Jelly is the perfect product to build your regimen around.

The cool, refreshing aloe vera gel soothes inflammation, all while helping your skin hydrate and absorb nutrients from the shea butter, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose. 

why it’s a must-have: The formula is very lightweight and non-greasy, which makes it extremely versatile.

You can wear it under your makeup, put it in your nighttime routine, wear it to the beach or pool in combination with your sunblock, and a ton of other things.

On top of that, it’s a long-lasting product with a shelf life of 4.7 months! Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? Comment below and let us know if you are in the market for something to help.

By the way, we shared a post recently about simple ways to improve textured and uneven skin, check that article out here.

Finally, as always please ensure that you check with your dermatologist or doctor before trying anything new. Sometimes natural ingredients can cause further issues if you are not careful.



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