3 Dessert Inspired Body Butters That’ll Make You Smell Good Enough To Eat


Body butter and dessert are two things you don’t often think about together, but somehow, it works. Think of it in terms of candles. We don’t expect to fall in love with scents like “clean linen” or “mahogany teakwood” but we do because they set the tone of the room. 

Body butters that are scented after pies, cakes, cookies, and whatever other delicious sweet treat there is, kinda does the same thing. You never in your life thought you wanted to smell like a sugar cookie, but here we are—smelling delicious.

Yes, butters that smell like your sweet tooth’s wildest dreams are totally worth having in your bodycare collection. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself! Here are 3 dessert-inspired body butters that’ll make you smell good enough to eat. 


Tarte Sugar Rush Cake Butter Body Butter, $28

This whipped Cake Butter from Tarte is buttery smooth, no pun! Formulated with sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, and a hint of zesty orange peel, this thick, luscious cream will have you smelling like every little bit of our favorite desserts—vanilla cake, in particular! 

Plus, it’s dermatologist-tested, antioxidant-rich, and full of Vitamin E! In other words, it’s not only moisturizing, but it’s nourishing enough to firm sagging skin and smooth texture.


Glaze-ish Frosted Animal Cookie, $8

Glaze-ish Frosted Animal Cookies Dessert body butter

Those frosted animal cookies we used to eat as kids were really the best, weren’t they? If you don’t remember, let me trigger your nostalgia for a moment! They were those buttery, animal-shaped shortbreads covered in light vanilla frosting and fun, colorful sprinkles. 

This Whipped Body Glaze from Glaze-ish is all of that in bodycare form. It’s buttery smooth, sweetly scented, and filled to the rim with thick, ultra-moisturizing body butter.


Wild Aroma Cotton Candy Body Butter, $12

Cotton candy is one of the funnest desserts out there because it’s literally just flavored into a big, fluffy cloud. I mean, for those of us with a gigantic sweet tooth, what’s not to love? And now, you can smell just as sweet with this body butter from Wild Aroma Body Shop. 

The vibrant pink and blue swirls make it easy to think that this is just something fun to splurge on, but nope! It’s blended with enough rice bran oil, shea, and glycerin to leave you with super soft skin from head to toe and a glow bright enough to dim the sun. 

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