5 Black-Owned Home Goods And Decor Brands To Elevate The Style of Your Home


Finding solid black-owned home goods and decor brands is not a difficult feat, but it’s also not something we come across very often.

From natural hair care that’ll have your hair looking the best, it’s ever looked, to the best sauces and spices you could ever taste— there’s a list for every black-owned product you could ever find.

But the push for black brands with nice throw pillows, long-burn candles, or a gorgeous set of dishes?

Now that’s not something we see every day!

So we’ve made a list of 5 black-owned brands to help you support the community while elevating your sense of home style.

Jungalow by Justina Blakeney

Designed in a Los Angeles-based studio, Jungalow is a creative, colorful, and modern spin on all that nature has to offer.

Characterized by exotic patterns and jungle-esque greenery, this sustainability home goods brand provides your home with high-quality art, decor, and wallpaper, to add a special kind of warmth to your bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio

DOMAIN is a chic home goods collection, brought to you by a swanky, black-owned boutique interior design firm located in Baltimore, that has everything you need to elevate the look and feel of your home.

From upscale leather goods to cozy throw pillows, DOMAIN is a one-stop shop for all things wonderfully elegant, classy, and modern. 

Sustainable Home Goods

Black Owned Sustainable Home Goods

Sustainable Home Goods is a black-owned business dedicated to delivering beautiful, cultural-embracing home decor while helping preserve the world’s natural resources, as well as the people who use them to make all the goods we love.

Filled with vibrant colors, patterns, and designs, this eco-friendly brand will quickly cozy up your home and heart. 

One Eleven Candles

We all love a good candle that fills our homes with amazing scents from front to back, but you’re really missing out if you don’t have a candle from One Eleven.

Made with a unique blend of healing crystals, waxes, and oils, each candle was created to attract specific energies and intentions that not only fill your home with good smells, but good vibes, too!

Expedition Subsahara 

African-inspired home goods are lovely as is, but when they’re handcrafted with love, they’re extra special.

Made in Senegal, Expedition Subsahara is known for its colorful, hand-woven baskets, placemats, vases, bowls, and the like.

From the hands of the generationally-skilled West African women to the corners of your abode, this brand was made to enliven your environment while connecting your heart and home to the culture.


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