3 Friends Start the First Black Woman-Owned Skate Park


Three friends have opened the only (and first) Black-owned skate park within Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kendria Holmes, Sh’niqua Ussery, and Brandi Fox are the proud owners of Rollin’ CLT.

A Special Skating Rink

Rollin’ CLT isn’t your average skate park. This is a one-of-a-kind skating rink that also doubles as a lounge. It has rotating food trucks and offers skate rentals, and there’s even a live DJ and a hookah bar.

There are skate lessons and even mobile skate parties for those who want to party a little differently.

Its events range from family-friendly activities to adults-only parties.

Co-founder Kendria Holmes revealed that she has always dreamed of opening a skating rink because there wasn’t one in Charlotte.

She has been thinking about this business since 2016, and her interest became serious when skating resurfaced as a fun pastime for both kids and adults.

Holmes met Brandi Fox in 2018, and realized that both of them shared the same passion. Two years later, they met Sh’niqua Ussery.

After that, made their dream a reality by opening Rollin’ CLT.

The outdoor skating rink is currently available only on weekends.

Its ticket prices start from $11 and go up to $22. Customers can rent a pair of skates for $3, or bring their own.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Rollin’ CLT has adult night sessions. On Sundays, it has family sessions where visitors can bring their kids.

Rollin’ CLT also supports people who want to have their own parties, with support for private parties.

This year, the co-founders’ goal is to give residents in Charlotte a new kind of entertainment experience.

For next year, though, they plan to expand on it by opening an indoor brick-and-mortar.

If you live in Charlotte or are just interested in Rollin’ CLT, you can learn more about it on their website here.


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