3 Reasons You Should Embrace Your Shrinkage

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Shrinkage is sometimes considered our worst enemy. Who wants to retain inches and inches of hair only for it to appear as if it had not grown not even one inch?

I used to be the girl obsessed with stretching her hair and when I think about it now, I have no idea why I did it. At the end of the day, what difference does it really make, I was missing the point of having the healthy hair I so-called desired.

I want to encourage you to rethink shrinkage if you find yourself hating it and fighting it every day. Here are 3 reasons you should embrace your shrinkage.

1. Shrinkage is a sign of health.

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Not only is shrinkage a sign of healthy natural hair, but it is also a great indicator that your hair is properly moisturized and has good elasticity.

Depending on the hair type and porosity, naturally curly hair can shrink up to 90% which can be quite daunting if you like enjoying your length.

If you can get past the aesthetics you can take comfort in the fact that your regimen is in the fact working and your strands are healthy.

2. It is less stressful.


We often spend time stressing over what our hair naturally does leading to a ton of frustration especially if your hair naturally attracts and retains moisture.

When you change your mindset you tend to focus on preserving your hair’s natural tendencies instead of creating scenarios that might be damaging to our strands.

3. Embracing Shrinkage Will lead to Sensible hair care.

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Many of us including myself love to say, ‘oh I stretch because if I don’t then my hair will get tangled’.

This is actually true, but if you care for your strands, detangle when necessary and keep it soft by deep conditioning regularly you will notice your tangling woes becoming less relevant.

A regimen that is free of extensive stretch styling will allow your hair to thrive and reach its full potential. If you want to learn more about embracing your shrinkage while retaining length click here.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your shrinkage, comment below and let us know how you are dealing with it?


  1. I am natural and I love it! I want to know what did you use on the lady hair that was flatironed? It was silky and straight, just gawous!

  2. Emily I want to thank you. I chopped my hair to the nape of my neck almost 6 years ago, to get rid of damage from the creamy crack I was very much a slave to. I always had quite a complex because my hair grew back fairly quickly, but I had to straighten it to get my length back (my hair was waist length before the chop and now tailbone length) but with no heat and no stretching, it is right around my shoulders. For the first time, I now feel it’s okay to rock my tightly curled mane without concerning myself with how long it is… because I’m more concerned with it being healthy.


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