3 Reasons You Should Embrace Your Shrinkage


Shrinkage can be considered our worst enemy at times. Who wants to retain inches and inches of hair only for our hair to look the same like it did the first day we big chopped?

I used to be that girl trying to stretch the life out of my hair and when I think about it now, I have no idea why I did it. At the end of the day what difference does it really make considering how humid it gets where I live and I end up putting my hair in a bun anyway.

I want to encourage you to rethink shrinkage if you find yourself hating it and fighting it every day. Here are 3  reasons you should embrace your shrinkage.

1. Shrinkage is a sign of health

Our hair naturally gets shorter when it is fully moisturized and healthy, so if your hair shrinks a lot you automatically know that whatever you are doing is working.

2. It is natural

Sometimes we spend so much time stressing over what our hair naturally does that if we just did the opposite of that and embraced it, things would be a whole lot easier.

When you change your mindset then the way you care for your hair would change because you would be more focused on preserving your hair’s natural tendencies than creating new ones that might be damaging to our strands.

3. Learn to practice sensible hair care that does not require a ton of stretching

That was long but many of us including myself love to say, ‘oh I stretch because if I don’t then my hair will get tangled’.

This is actually true, but if you care for your strands, detangle when necessary and keep it soft by deep conditioning regularly you will notice your tangling woes become less and less relevant.

Over time I have grown to love the fact that my hair can be short one day and long the next, this is just the beauty of natural hair.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your shrinkage?


  1. Emily I want to thank you. I chopped my hair to the nape of my neck almost 6 years ago, to get rid of damage from the creamy crack I was very much a slave to. I always had quite a complex because my hair grew back fairly quickly, but I had to straighten it to get my length back (my hair was waist length before the chop and now tailbone length) but with no heat and no stretching, it is right around my shoulders. For the first time, I now feel it’s okay to rock my tightly curled mane without concerning myself with how long it is… because I’m more concerned with it being healthy.


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