9 Great Herbs And Oils That Prevent Hair Loss And Promote Hair Growth

9 herbs and oils for hair growth

It is imperative that we recognize that hair growth and hair loss prevention is 100% dependent on our internal health and genetic predisposition.

This means that we can speed up hair growth by eating food rich in minerals and vitamins that support those goals. It also means that you should not be hesitant to see a professional doctor or dermatologist if you think that there is something that is affecting your health and the health of your hair.

With that said there are things you can do to help your hair and scalp to get to your goals faster. In this post, I wanted to give you a short list of 9 things you can use to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Some of which I have mentioned before in this post.

Let’s go!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

You will not find a post about hair loss and not see Castor Oil mentioned as the number one oil to use to combat it. Castor oil is known to prevent hair loss, help with growing out thin edges and improve thinning areas.

My mother still lives in Jamaican and she is able to get authentic Jamaican black castor oil from the great people that make it in the country areas of the island. The ash that is in JBCO is what causes your hair to thicken when you use it in your hair.

The castor oil she got for me had a pretty distinct smell and it was very dark in color. The darker the oil the better it is for your hair. These days you can purchase a great quality Castor oil from the Tropical Isle Brand, check it out here.

Use the oil for scalp massages before a great hot oil treatment as well as a heavy sealant for those of you who need a thick oil to help with maintaining moisture.

Saw Palmetto herb or oil

Saw Palmetto is a great herb/oil for people suffering from alopecia. It is my second recommendation because you can mix it with your castor oil to make a great oil mix that will help you with thinning or complete hair loss.

It is also great for hair growth so much so you can find it as an ingredient in many hair growth pills. Purchase Saw Palmetto here.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice and gel is a staple for my hair because nothing, and I mean nothing smooths my strands like a little Aloe Vera juice in a spray bottle in the morning. I take it cold, straight out of the fridge and it is amazing and well as refreshing when I need to wake up my strands.

The benefits of Aloe is very extensive including moisturizing which I mentioned, hair growth and balancing your hair’s pH.

The next set of oils that I mention can be added to your Aloe water mix in the morning for a great spritz! If you can find the Aloe Vera plant you can split it open, scrape out the gel and blend it for a nice watery mix perfect for your hair spritz. If you want to purchase the gel, I recommend this brand here. Used it for years with no issues!

Peppermint oil

If we are talking about hair growth we are talking about peppermint oil because this tingly little thing is amazing for stimulating your scalp.

You just need a few drops of the oil in your oil mix or spritzes for it to work, not to mention if you love the smell of peppermint and the feeling it gives to your scalp you will enjoy using it.

For a great massage session, mix your peppermint oil, castor oil and Saw palmetto together in an applicator bottle then massage your scalp.

Pick up a bottle of peppermint oil here.

Almond oil

Almond oil is superb for your skin and your hair so if you have it as a staple in your regimen I highly recommend that you use it on your skin as well.

Almond oil has a ton of magnesium which means it is excellent for hair loss prevention and giving your strands strength.

Expect to really feel your hair getting stronger and shinier as the strands will look better with every use. Incorporate the oil by adding it to your shampoo, or making awesome oil mixes with peppermint oil added of course.

If you have dandruff or any sort of scalp issues you can use it by itself in an applicator bottle weekly to improve your scalp. Pick up a bottle here.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is one of the best herbs you can take to stimulate hair growth and hair loss. It works by suppressing the hormones that are responsible for causing hair loss.

When you purchase stinging nettle as an oil you can use it in an oil like any of the ones I have mentioned or you can use it in olive oil and add it directly to your scalp.

If you get the fresh leaves, add it to your oil and leave it covered for about three weeks in a cool dry place to allow the magic to happen.

You can use your oil mix as often as you would like until you get your desired results. Purchase the oil here!

Olive oil

Speaking of olive oil, if you do not have a bottle of Olive oil in your kitchen cabinet then we cannot be friends! (I am kidding) but really get some!

Olive oil is great for hair loss prevention, oil mixes, getting rid of scalp fungus and hair strand health. You can find it anywhere but the purer the better.

This brand is pretty great, so feel free to grab a bottle if you haven’t already. If you purchase your oil from the grocery store, just remember the darker the bottle the better the oil. If it costs a bit more, that’s ok, this is an investment in your hair and over all health, there is no price on that, is there?

Lavender oil

I remember when my son was younger I would give him lavender baths to help with calming him down before bed. Lavender smells amazing and it is super soothing so using it for your scalp massages will feel like heaven.

Lavender is not only soothing, though, it helps promote hair growth and it gets rid of baldness. Use lavender oil on your scalp daily for releasing tension and jump starting your follicles!

Grab some lavender oil here.

And finally, Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is an essential oil that is filled with vitamin A which is beneficial for hair growth. It increases circulation and blood flow which means it is a winner when it comes to hair growth.

Additionally, Rosemary oil has antibacterial properties which are great for scalp health. Never ever use Rosemary oil by itself, always add it to a carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil I mentioned. Grab some rosemary oil here.

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    • Coconut oil is great, not left out deliberately but I did want to highlight a few of the ones we do not hear about daily.

    • Hello James, I have a post that’s uses 3 oils out of the 9 that you can make yourself – its here –https://emilycottontop.com/three-ingredient-diy-peppermint-hair-serum/ — Its hard to pick the best because all are very good.. I would say the rule of thumb would be is to always ensure that you have peppermint oil in the mix as well as castor oil. You can add to that any more oils or herbs you have or can find. Hope this helps


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