3 Things Every Hair Stylist Should Do To Get More Clients

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Getting clients as an independent contractor can definitely be hard. And when you’re working in a competitive industry such as hairstyling, it can be even harder to get new clients to trust you with something as precious as their hair.

Though it can be difficult, it’s certainly not impossible; With the right tools and tactics, you can have yourself booked and busy in no time! Here are three things every hairstylist should do to get more clients.

Create A Marketing Budget
One of the biggest mistakes that hairstylists make is not taking their marketing seriously. Simply put, social media and passing out business cards is not going to cut it if you’re trying to seriously grow your clientele. What you truly need to do is learn how you can use your marketing budget to bring in more clients.

First off, make sure your goal is SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive) because nothing will tank your mission faster than not having a clear direction. Yes, you want more clients, but how many in a single month? What is the minimum amount you want the clients to spend? It’s important that you have the answer to questions like these in order to achieve your goal.

Then, calculate your gross revenue (earrings before deductions and taxes) for the week, month, quarter, or year, and set aside 5-8% of it for your marketing. This will be your marketing budget. You can use this amount to do what’s necessary to reach your goals—buy business cards, ad placements, website redesign—whatever.

Utilize Scheduling Tools and Apps
Confusion over appointments and schedules is a pain for both you and your client because it makes it almost impossible for you to do your job without conflict, which ultimately drives customers away. The best way to get rid of this problem without too much hassle is to use scheduling tools.

Apps and websites like Acuity and Setmore allow you to easily book, reschedule, and cancel appointments. And so that you won’t forget, both apps give the options for text and email reminders as well as syncing all information you need to all devices you use regularly. The best part? You can integrate an appointment calendar into your website or have a separate booking page that’ll allow your clients to make appointments within your schedule.

Create A Referral Program
If you don’t know, a referral program is when you reward existing customers (as well as give incentives to new customers) for bringing in new business via word-of-mouth like sharing links via social networks, texts, or emails. 

According to Harvard Business Review, you can expect 16% more in profits from referred customers. And if these customers happen to be in the millennial age group (23-38), they are also more likely to become regulars and recommend your services to others. This means that referral programs are almost guaranteed to help you keep your existing clients while also bring in new ones, and obviously, putting you in the position to make much more money.

Some examples of referral marketing are:

  • Invite a friend to book an appointment and get a free wash during your next visit.
  • Whoever successfully invites the most friends over to get their hair styled wins a large cash prize.
  • Get $15 off your next appointment when you share our website with a friend.

Need help with promoting your salon business? Email me at emilycottontop@gmail.com.


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