3 Tips To Smelling Good All Day By Layering Your Perfume And Lotion The Right Way


Properly layering your scents by doubling down on perfume and lotion has always been the key to smelling good all day.

And while it may seem simple to do at first, the process actually requires a little bit of finesse if you really want to smell your best all day long. 

Still, it’s pretty simple to do and not too much of a hassle, whatsoever. Here a few tips on how you can smell great from morning to night, and back to the morning again. 

Start straight out the shower. 

Obviously, you can’t smell good without hitting your body with some soap and hot water first, so let’s start there!

After you’re all washed off and good to go, now it’s time to start layering on the smell goods.

The order in which you layer them is up to you, but here’s a few things to keep in mind: 

  • If you are going to spray a fragrance first, make sure it’s body spray or mist and not perfume. Perfume is made up of a high concentration of fragrance oils and alcohol, while body mist is watered down and much safer to spray all over your bare body. 
  • Instead of lotion, consider using a naturally-scented post-shower body oil or butter that’ll help lock in hydration and moisture, but also whatever fragrance you go with.
  • When layering products after the shower, make sure your skin is dry enough. Super wet skin won’t do you any favors and can create an environment for bacteria and odor.

The majority of your body care routine will happen right after your shower so make sure you have all the products you plan layering with ready for use nearby. 

Go thick and heavy with the lotions, creams, and butters.

Thin, watery lotions aren’t going to cut it. Period. Using products that are too high in water content as a moisturizer doesn’t work how you need it to because water is a hydrator!

When layering fragrances, you need something that’s packed with oils and fatty acids. 

Cue cold creams and body butters.

These thick moisturizers are perfect for getting your body sprays and scented oils to really stick to your skin all day long.

Plus, they act as a great protective layer so that the alcohols in your fragrance don’t irritate your skin. 

A good rule of thumb for this portion is to go with what works instead of what smells the best first.

So the Palmers Cocoa Butter or CeraVe Daily Moisturizer should take precedence over something from, say, Victoria Secret or Bath & Body Works. 

Know where to spray and how to spray it. 

Layering scents

Now that you’re all moisturized and got your body spray going, now it’s time for the final step in the layering process: perfume!

By this time, you should be dressed and ready to start your day or night because all of the core body prep is now complete. 

This is where you can have a free for and pick whatever scent you like. Personally, I go for both a roll-on fragrance and a perfume of the same brand just to double down.

It’s not overpowering because you’re only supposed to hit the points that matter:

  • The sides of your neck. 
  • The pulse of each wrist. 
  • Behind ear lobes. 
  • Cleavage or collarbone. 
  • Knees, ankles, and elbows. 

I don’t recommend spraying it on your clothing because perfume can stain certain fabrics.

So to add some dramatic flair to the final step of your fragrance layering, spray your perfume through the air and twirl through it. Voila! You’re all ready to go. 


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