4 Eyelash Growth Serums That Are Totally Worth The Money


Eyelash growth serums always sound a bit gimmicky because the idea of growing out your lashes isn’t something we think is entirely possible or even realistic for some of us. 

I mean, we can curl them, add extensions, put on mascara, and do whatever else we can to accentuate what we naturally have—but grow them? Pshhh! Girl, be real.

But when you think about it, the skepticism we all have toward growing our eyelashes thicker and longer is kinda silly considering that, after all, they are made out of hair. And just like the hair on our heads, they too can be cared and nurtured into some real growth. 

If you don’t believe me, just see for yourself by checking out these 4 growth serums that are totally worth your time and money. 

Silly George Lash Growth Serum, $45

Most serums give you the impression that you’re going to generate new, longer lashes out of thin air. However, Silly George’s Lash Serum is all about strengthening the lashes you already have, so that there’s less hair fallout. Simply put? Lose less lashes on average, have more to work with over time! 


DIME Eyelash Boost Serum, $48

Just like the hair on our head, follicles matter when it comes to growing, nurturing, and maintaining nice, long lashes! DIME uses star ingredients like amino acids and peptides to strengthen and thicken your lashes at the base, creating the illusion that they are fuller—even if they’re on the short, fine side!


BondiBoost Organic Lash & Brow Boost, $35

A 2-for-1 special where you get to grow your eyelashes and brows? Sign us up! BondiBoost decided to kick it old school with their serum and use an oil we’re all familiar with: Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Mixed in with other awesome clean ingredients, this formula is a simple yet effective answer to the call of thin, sparse, or short lashes. 


Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum, $29

Most serums have a little wand similar to the ones found in mascara, but Babe Lash has a different idea. Their applicator looks like a liquid eyeliner brush! Why? Because they want you to hit the lash line with precision. A serum, formulated with biotin and amino acids, being applied directly to your follicles is a surefire way to grow long, gorgeous eyelashes! 

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