4 Must Have Skincare Sticks To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine


Skincare sticks are kinda like chapstick for your face. Okay, I know that doesn’t sound awfully appealing, but think about all of the reasons why we love chapstick: they’re easy to use, super convenient, and really gets the job done quickly. It’s the very same thing here. 

Really, these super helpful products are for all of us who dread going through a super long beauty routine in the morning. Even if you don’t put on makeup, you still need to wash, moisturize, and prep your skin for the day and even that can be a bit labor intensive. 

No worries, you can change that all around! Ready to speed up your morning routine? Here are 4 must have skincare sticks to get you up and out the door in no time. 

Cocokind Turmeric Dark Spot Treatment, $9 

Turmeric is known as the OG ingredient for fading dark spots and this treatment stick from Cocokind is no different. With just a few swipes, this powerful skincare stick reduces super visible inflammation and removes dark spots over time.

Apply it right after cleansing, let it sit for 20 minutes (or overnight!) and wipe clean with a toner-soaked cotton pad. Since it’s also made with ginger and tea tree oil, make sure you balance out your skin with a gentle, cooling moisturizer afterward.


BEEKMAN PURE Goat Milk Stick of Butter, $20

Skincare stick

Goat milk is the active ingredient is some of the best moisturizers out there and it’s mostly because it’s full of fatty acids that soften and nourish our skin to the high heavens. This snazzy little PURE skincare stick from Beekman also has all of those benefits plus some. 

The best part is that it’s not a super complicated skincare process. You actually can carry this bad boy around and apply it to your face whenever you need the extra hydration and moisture, and it’ll immediately deliver the natural, luxurious glow you’re looking for. 


Pixi On-the-Glow Moisture Stick, $18

What’s better than a moisturizer with one use? One that has multiple! This cute On-the-Glow skincare stick by Pixi can be used to soften your face, lips, body, and even your hair! Yup, just twist the base up like deodorant and smooth the glowy goodness onto your skin. 

Formulated with powerful antioxidants like Vitamin D2 and ginseng, this cruelty-free, multi-purpose moisturizer is just what you need to revitalize, balance, and renew your skin—with no hassle or no unnecessarily long beauty investments— every day. 

HERO Cosmetics Lightning Wand Dark Spot Serum, $20

Zapping away dark spots has been a long-time dream for those of us who are dealing with post-breakout hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and marks. This Lightning Wand from Hero Cosmetics is hands down one of the best drugstore solutions to this annoying problem. 

Different from other skincare sticks, this lightning wand actually takes 2-4 weeks to show some results. However, it’s soooo worth it considering that it uses natural ingredients like Vitamin C and licorice root to fade dark spots that even powerful chemicals can’t fix! 


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