5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money For Your Dream Vacation

Natasha Leeds

Having the opportunity to travel the world is a blessing for many different reasons. Not only does it give you the chance to immerse yourself in various cultures via decadent foods, rich histories, beautiful scenery, and fascinating customs and traditions, but it can also be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience on a personal level.

Most of us dream of simply having the option to travel to a different country, island, state, or even city. But unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have the necessary means to go to all of the places we wish to go. Yeah, wanting to travel is one thing, but having the money to actually do it is another.

While you may not be able to set out on your own personal adventure in the near future, this does not mean that you’ll never be able to do it! All you have to do is take a serious look at your finances and come up with a plan that’ll make your dream vacation turn into reality.

Maybe you make one too many frivolous purchases; Or perhaps you can’t save because you’re short on cash and there’s isn’t anything left after you pay your bills; Maybe for some of you it just comes down to knowing when it’s smart to treat yourself and when it’s not. In any case, there are solutions to all of these problems—and they exist right on your phone. Here are five, easy-to-use apps that’ll help you save money for your dream getaway.


Digit is the perfect app for saving money without dealing with all the extra calculations and unwanted confusion. All you have to do is link Digit with your checking account and let the app analyze your income and spending patterns, so that it can decide on the perfect savings amount for you. After you’re all set up, you can immediately start saving!

The cool thing about Digit is that it’ll allow you to check your balance, see what bills are coming up, set personal financial goals (like “going on vacation” wink wink), and will even text you updates when any financial changes have been made. And if you’re worried about those days where you’re low on cash and don’t want savings pulled out, Digit has an “Overdraft Protection” feature that actually puts money back into your checking balance if it drops below your desired minimum.

The downside is that Digit does cost $5 a month, but they do offer a free 30 day trial so you can test out all the features and see if it’s the right fit for you.


Even if we prefer traveling alone, most of us end up going places with our families, friends, or significant others simply because it’s cost effective to do so. When it’s time to save for that girls trip or baecation, we don’t need all the expenses falling on one person’s shoulders, so this is where joint savings app Twine has got you covered.

Luckily, Twine is pretty simple to use. You and your chosen partner can create separate accounts or make one together, and then open your joint savings account with just $5! After you’re all set up, you can start another goal, begin saving, or even level up to an investment portfolio.

Twine keeps joint financial ventures safe, secure, and easy to grow and collaborate on. And if you’re unsure about how to move forward, the app gives updates, advice, and recommendations that’ll help you make smart financial decisions.


Mint is the creme de la creme of financial tracking and planning apps because it makes sure that you’re aware of everything. Your credit score, bills, how your money is being spent, credit debt, loans, and your current balance are all available in one place.

Mint is perfect for when you’re planning a trip because it really lets you know if it’s even possible; And if it is possible, is it even a good idea to carry out. However, the most useful tools for vacation planning are the ones geared toward budgeting and savings.

The daily budget planner helps you develop personalized and adjustable budget goals based on spending habits you already have in place. This means it’ll help you figure out what you should spend, what you could cut back on, and how you can save more money.


Sometimes savings come in the form of cutting back, and nothing says “cutting back” more than discount codes and coupons. RetatilMeNot is a website, browser extension, and app that provides you with up-to-date discounts from all your favorite stores and discounts. The best part about RetailMeNot is that even when there is no discount available, they still offer Cash Back rewards and gift card deals that’ll put money right back in your pocket.

The app is the most useful for everyday life because it offers digital coupons that can used in stores and restaurants just by scanning the barcode. Checking for deals, offers, and discounts before you go out to eat or shop is a great way to reduce daily spending and increase savings for your special trip.


Some of us like to buy things we know we don’t really need, and the other half of us frequently get charged for free trials we forgot to cancel the day before it expired. In the end, it’s all the same because it only leads to the one thing we absolutely cannot afford to do: overspending. 

PocketGuard is the app that encourages healthy financial habits by keeping us within our limits. It has features such as “Spending Limits” that limits how much money we spend in a day, and also allows us to use hashtags to properly categorize our transactions just to keep everything clear and organized.

The real benefits of PocketGuard come with their in-depth financial advice that helps you find ways to lower your bills, improve credit scores, and quickly pay off loans so that you’re able to save more money in the long run. Oh, and about all those free trials? PocketGuard offers a list of all your bills and subscription fees so you will never forget what’s coming next.

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