Niece Of Award Winning Artist Wyclef Jean Serves As The Face Of New Hair Product For Children With Locs


Right on time for the Fall school season, children’s hair care line Natural Bunch Kids has tapped the niece of acclaimed, Grammy Award Winning artist and musician Wyclef Jean as the face of their newly released hair care product Locs of Love.

Locs of Love is a specially designed pomade that not only styles locs on children but was created to celebrate the beautiful and rich history of loc’d, natural hairstyles as worn across the Caribbean and African diaspora. LeeLee Jean, known as the “Haitian Princess” and Wyclef’s niece, was chosen as the official ambassador for Locs of Love due to her mane of locs and Haitian heritage.

With natural hairstyles being a political hot topic as of late, thanks to the wave of natural hair discrimination bans that are passing across the country, it is without a doubt the perfect time for such a product to come out as children are learning to love their locs and the history behind these styles.

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Your hair is rich in history, your natural locs have root in tradition and culture that little girls & boys should wear with pride! . Locs History📝: DID YOU KNOW? 1) Originally called "Dreadlocks" dread, meaning : fear, or respect for God. Many wear it for cultural or religious reasons. 2) The oldest historical record of an African tribe rocking locs can be credited to the priests of the Ethiopian Coptic religion, who were wearing the style as early as 500 BCE. #NaturalBunchKids embraces and empowers that history so that they can wear it proudly! Homework:📚 Comment below 👇🏾why you encourage your little ones to wear their Locs?#NBKteach . Click Link in Bio to learn all about our newly launched Locs of Love Pomade, especially formulated for children with Locs. Plus, when by you buy by 10/31, you'll get our FREE 2oz Shine Bright Oil Sheen. Model: @therealleeleejean #LocsofLove Ambassador Photo: @creativesoulphoto

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A hair care line made specifically for children with curly and coily hair, Natural Bunch Kids is the brainchild of daycare mogul Ms. Betty Ceus. Operating multiple daycare centers throughout the New York area, Ms. Betty’s passion for teaching is organically a part of the Natural Bunch Kids brand as she is constantly finding ways to educate parents and their children on best hair care practices that will allow their little one’s hair to flourish.

She brings to the parents a whole new meaning to the class in session with her Curls In Session brand style. With the addition of Locs of Love to the Natural Bunch Kids line of products, there is a plethora of styling and hair care choices for children of all textures to choose from to ensure that their hair grows to its fullest and healthiest state.

“In my work, I am constantly around children, and I find that many times parents aren’t sure how to take care of their children’s natural hair. Therefore, I wanted to create a line of products that made caring for natural hair easy and fun, while giving the child something that they can call their own,” states Natural Bunch Kids founder Ms. Betty.

“However, as I grew my brand I noticed virtually no products made specifically for kids who wore their hair in locs. That’s why I came up with Locs of Love for the children that felt left out of the natural hair movement. Thus, I chose to have LeeLee Jean and her colorful ribbon decorated locs as the face of this new product!”

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She’s ready to catch the bus for her Curls In Session class. . Locs History📝: DID YOU KNOW? . 1) African tribes, such as the Maasai of Kenya wore Locs. Maasai warriors are famous for their long, thin, red locks, often dyed with red root extracts or red ochre. . 2) In Nigeria, some children are born with naturally locked hair and are called by the Yoruba word Dada in Nigerian English. . EVERYTHING must be done with purpose! Teach them the history so that they can wear it proudly! #NBKteach #haitiangirlsrock . Homework:📚 Comment below 👇🏾why you encourage your little ones to wear their Locs? . Click Link in Bio to learn all about our newly launched Locs of Love Pomade, especially formulated for children with Locs. Plus, when by you buy by 10/31, you'll get our FREE 2oz Shine Bright Oil Sheen. . Model: @therealleeleejean Photo: @creativesoulphoto

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To represent the launch of Locs of Love, Natural Bunch Kids paired with LeeLee Jean, the niece of three-time Grammy winner Wyclef Jean, who rose to fame as a member of the New Jersey hip hop group, The Fugees, and later achieved solo success collaborating with big-name acts such as, Avicii, Shakira, Cyndi Lauper, Lil’ Kim, Ludacris, and many more.

Being known as the “Haitian Princess” made LeeLee Jean the obvious choice to represent Locs of Love as Ms. Betty was able to help pay homage to her own Haitian roots while celebrating loc’d hairstyles among children.

“I wanted to create something that honored the children of the Caribbean, specifically Haiti. I myself am from Port-Au-Prince in Haiti, and I do what I can to support and empower the children of Haiti,” says Ms. Betty. “I wanted to give something to the children of Haiti, and of all the Caribbean that would give them pride in the history of their hair, so that they could wear it proudly and take care of the natural crowns that they were blessed with.”


Locs of Love is truly an all-in-one product that gives a medium shine and hold, while providing the hair with everything it needs to be healthy and strong.

Packed with hair-healthy ingredients, Locs of Love includes Haitian castor oil and aloe for hydration, soy protein for strengthening, peppermint oil for stimulating the scalp, and vitamin E, A, and C for overall hair health. The product is not only ideal for locs but is also perfect product for kids sporting natural styles, like braids and twists.

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Take Notes: 📝 We're covering what makes Locs of Love a hair healthy favorite which locticians has approved, thanks to @beautylocsbyq who reviewed LOL and reports “it’s non greasy, non oily finish, and non flaky. It’s soothing to the scalp, smells great, oh and a little is all you need” Read below to learn other reasons how our superstar ingredients will show their locs some love: . . ⭐ Hair Growth: Locs of Love contains castor oil and peppermint oil that prevent inflammation and soothe the scalp to help encourage healthy hair growth. . ⭐ Hair Conditioning: Pro Vitamin B4 and Soy protein work together to strengthen, repair, and condition hair. . ⭐ Hair Moisturizing: Vitamin A, E, C and Lanolin condition hair and provide vital nutrients to keep hair healthy and happy. . Learn more about Locs of Love by clicking the link in our bio!

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To help show LeeLee’s hair in all of its natural splendor, Natural Bunch Kid’s partnered with the renowned husband & wife photography duo Kahran and Regis creators of Creative Soul Photography for a Locs of Love editorial shoot. The shoot featured diverse loc’d styles on LeeLee amidst Haitian-themed, school backdrops. The Locs of Love product shoot mirrors the Natural Bunch Kids brand emphasis on education that has long been the focus of the brand thanks to Ms. Betty’s educational background.

As natural hair continues to make waves in the workplace and schools, representation in the beauty industry is crucial to show kids that their hair is beautiful. Locs, twists, and braided styles are finding their time to shine and with the help of Locs of Love, they can shine stronger and brighter than ever! To learn more about the launch of this exciting new product, visit

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October 10, 2019


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