5 Black-Owned Luxury Handbag Brands That Deserve All Of Our Coin


Every black woman needs a little bit of luxury in her life, and what better place to start than investing in a nice, high-end handbag?

Better yet, why not invest in one that revs up your style while also allowing you to put your support behind some of the most talented and creative black designers of our time? 

Yes, it’s possible.

There are tons of black women out there designing bags just for us, all across the diaspora.

From Delaware to Ghana, our sisters our putting their best foot forward in delivering luxury goods with both style and culture in mind. 

Here are 5 black-owned luxury handbag brands that deserve all of our coin. 


Vavvoune Handbags

Founded by self-taught designer and artisan Valerie Blaise, VAVVOUNE is a Brooklyn-based fashion brand that specializes in leather handbags and accessories.

Different from cheap, convenient fast fashion, VAVVOUNE takes their time with each and every one of their designs; carefully handcrafting bags one by one in their small in-house studio in New York. 

Why Buy: VAVVOUNE handbags are made to embody culture, functionality, and nostalgia, so not only are they a smart buy, but a beautifully sentimental personal investment. 

Peju Obasa 

Embracing your culture is key to endless inspiration, and London-based designer Peju Obasa’s namesake brand is a rich and vibrant ode to her Nigerian heritage.

Her handmade crochet belt bags, in particular, go from being a bag made from a simple piece of yarn, to a direct manifestation of the colorful influences and long-held traditions she loves so much. 

Why Buy: Sustainability is at the core of Peju Obasa, so they make sure you’re styled to the nines without compromising environmental ethics and a clear conscience.  

Asata Maise 

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Asata Maisé is an independent fashion designer who uses her ability to craft thoughtful, handmade bags as a way to express both her creativity and spirituality.

With her uniquely personal designs, she aims to preserve the tradition of using craftsmanship and handmade goods as a way of cultural storytelling. 

Why Buy: Because the bags are handmade and not mass-manufactured, only you and a few others will likely have the exact same bag; Asata Maise promises a 1-of-1 experience.


A close-knit mother and daughter trio—Shevanne, Michelle and Danielle Helmer—came up with the idea of the Helmer brand five years ago after a trip to Bali left them inspired by the island and the people.

Their wonderfully chic and dynamic handbags are also inspired by their own multicultural heritage rooted in Norway, Jamaica, America and France.

Why Buy: Because Helmer is so deeply invested in celebrating culture through travel, their fabrics and materials are typically sourced from the same places they were inspired by. 


Founded in 2018 by Eyiwaa Agyekumhene, KAYADUA is a Ghanaian-based handbag and womenswear brand that uses vivid tones, memorable textures, and traditional design elements to put contemporary importance on honoring the legacy of Ghana’s elders by inspiring the younger generations to keep creativity evolving—fearlessly and eternally. 

Why Buy: KAYADUA is doubly dedicated to the slow fashion movement. They believe that creating pieces that last will maximize the reach of their culture and overall mission. 



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