These 5 Luxury Products Are Just What You Need To Kick Your Self-Care Sunday Up A Notch

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Who doesn’t love a little luxury? I know for me, being able to pamper myself in the comfort of my own home after a long week is a dream. Of course, indulging in the typical bubble baths and brunch-time mimosas are more than enough to get me through, but it also doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to something a little more decadent, you know? 

During those moments, it’s important to remember that “luxury” doesn’t always mean you have to splurge on items and experiences that are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars; Most times, luxury is just spending a bit more time and money on yourself than usual—even if it’s just a few extra dollars. 

This week, treat yourself to one of these five affordably luxurious products that’ll definitely kick your self-care sunday up a notch. 

Ares Candle by L’or de Seraphine 

Luxury Area Candle

Candles are so very necessary when you’re trying to set the right mood for a day of self pampering. There are so many different brands and scents to choose from, but Ares by L’or de Seraphine just smells like luxury. 

This candle is infused with essential oils, highlighting familiar notes like sage, eucalyptus, cedarwood, and patchouli. The scent is intoxicating, the vibe is exceptionally soothing, and the slow burn makes it a long-lasting option. 

Plus, did you see that packaging? It’s super stylish and durable, which means it can be reused for a number of things such as a cute jewelry dish or makeup brush holder. 


Osea Multi-Masking Spa Collection

Osea Face Mask Set

Is it really an at-home spa day if you don’t have a face mask ready to go? Nope! So instead of having just one to choose from, why not give yourself options. You don’t have to figure it out by yourself either because Osea offers three really good ones, all in one. 

The white algae brightens skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots; the red algae thoroughly cleanses the skin while also minimizing the look of your pores; and black algae is for overall skin rejuvenation. 

The best part is that the mask collection comes with a a high-quality applicator brush and spa headband to make the entire application process easy and mess-free. 


Annmarie Mask Treatment Bowl & Applicator

Clay Mask Bowl Set and Brush

If you’re anything like me, you’ve most likely been mixing your face masks in a plain plastic bowl with a plastic spoon. And since we’re trying to sit in the lap of luxury now, it’s  probably time to do some serious leveling up. 

So let’s start with this one-of-a-kind, functional pottery bowl from Annmarie. Unlike other mask-mixing containers, this particular bowl is special—it’s 100% handmade with porcelain clay, and masterfully glazed and stained. 

The bowl itself allows for a smooth, lump-free mask mix; while the brush (made of vegan bristles) allows you to apply your mask easily and evenly. 


Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath

Laura Mercier Bath Milk - Almond Coconut Honey

I know I’ve said everything on this list is an accurate representative of luxury, but if I had to choose one? This would literally be it. Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath is like wrapping your freshly-moisturized body in designer silk sheets. 

It’s a thick, indulgent shower cream that leaves your skin feeling velveety smooth. The texture is rich, but so is the nutrient-dense ingredient list—being that the honey bath is formulated with B-5, as well as almond and rice proteins. 

The scent is gorgeous, too. You’d assume it smelled like coconut and almond, but nope. There’s actually a light, sophisticated musky vanilla scent. 


Mini Hot Towel Cabinet And Sterilizer

Spa-Quality Hot Towel Cabinet

Okay, so this item is definitely not a necessity because the washer and dryer is the most reliable (and reasonable) supplier of clean, warm towels. However, the warmth and coziness of a freshly-dried one isn’t always readily available.  

Here’s where the hot towel cabinet comes into play. The cabinet does exactly what it was created to do—it keeps the towels hot and clean until your ready to use them; making it super convenient for keeping warm after you get out the shower or wrapping up your hair while it’s in a mask.


See what I mean? Luxury is not unattainable by any means. And if you’re ready to make some big investments in self-care, here is the perfect place to start. Which one of these affordable luxury items are you interested in? Let us know below! 
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