5 Reasons You Should Rock Faux Locs For Your Next Protective Style + A Giveaway!


I have always said that if you are serious about hair growth then you have to get serious about protective styles. This isn’t new, as a matter of fact, women are taking protective styles to new levels and having a ton of fun doing them and growing their hair out at the same time.

One of my favorite protective styles are faux locs because secretly I love locs but I know that I do not have the personality to commit to it like I should.

Faux locs have been around for awhile now and from the looks of things they are not going anywhere. These days we have regular faux locs, goddess locs, bohemian locs, mermaid locs and a host of others.

In this post, I wanted to give you 5 reasons you should choose faux locs or some variation of it for your next protective style as well as give you the opportunity to participate in a pretty epic giveaway!

Yup, you read that right! We are having a giveaway sponsored by the faux loc company Boho Locs. If you have never heard of Boho Locs before then let me tell you a little bit about them.

Boho locs sells BOHO GODDESS LOCS that are PRE-MADE goddess locs (meaning that have an open and wavy end), and they are unique because they customize them by hand, individually for each client.

Yes! again, you read right! They customize every package by hand for all their lovely clients around the world! The company is black owned and the quality of their product is amazing! They are here to change the faux locs game forever and I am so here for all of it.

Before we get into the details of this Boho Locs give away here are 5 dope reasons you should choose faux locs the next time you style your hair.

1. Perfect for the woman who cannot commit to locs

If you are thinking about locing your hair or if like me, you already know you won’t be locing your hair then faux locs are a great option. You essentially get to try the style before taking the plunge because faux locs gives you the opportunity to jump right into the game.

For those of us who just want the look without the marriage, then we can also try faux locs for a feel of how amazing locs can be.

2. Feed the mermaid goddess in you

Honestly, this is just an ode to Boho Locs because they have literally mastered the look to the point that if you try their bohemian styles and mermaid styles you will feel as if you are feeding your inner goddess.

The idea behind mermaid locs is simply allowing some of the locs to be loose at the ends and some completely loced out for a pretty wild, “can’t tell me sh*t” look. If you are into that then you should absolutely get your hands on some Mermaid locs.

3. You can dress them up and get as creative as you want to

There are so many ways to wear faux locs now, you can rock jewels, shells, try the bohemian goddess style we mentioned or you can stick with a plain locs. I love Boho Locs because they add all the jewels, string, and shells you need to create just the look you want, which is super convenient.

The point is there are a ton of cute ways to dress your hair once it is installed so be as creative as you want to be.

Watch Lulu’s demonstration below:

4. You can play with color

If you want to really give your faux locs some oomph we would highly recommend using some jewels and shells but colored locs are absolutely where it’s at.

If you do not want to commit to coloring your natural hair then playing with color when you are wearing a protective style is your next best thing. Colored faux locs are absolutely beautiful so give them a try!

Watch @niaknowshair install hers:

5. They are safe to wear

One of the most important things to consider when you are wearing any protective style is just how “protected” and safe your hair is underneath. Faux locs, especially when they are installed using the recommended crochet method are not stressful on your roots and since your hair is cornrowed, there is no stress on the length of it either.

When you install your faux locs using the crochet method, you can remove them easily and reinstall immediately after your aftercare process.

Now let’s get into this giveaway, shall we?

BOHO LOCS is graciously giving us the opportunity to celebrate the launch of their online store on the April 11th with them by giving 3 people the opportunity to win one of their beautiful crochet loc kits!

The winner can be from anywhere in the world as they ship worldwide and the first winner will be selected on the day the shop opens on April 11th.

To enter this giveaway please enter below!
My BOHO LOCS giveaway

By the way, when the store opens BOHO LOCS has some sexy new looks you should consider:

Yup! BOHO LOCS is lit!



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