Age Like Fine Wine With These 5 Beauty Tools That’ll Help You Achieve Younger Looking Skin

Beauty Tools

When it comes to maintaining your youthful looks, you need to subscribe to a healthy skincare routine.

It would mainly include double cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and the skincare must-have, SPF.

However, with advancements in technology today, the skincare market is filled with skincare devices designed to stimulate collagen production, allowing for smoother, younger-looking skin.

What’s more, you can use these lightweight devices in the comfort of your home or while sipping margaritas in Greece.

So, if your dream is to age like fine wine, here are dermatologist-approved beauty tools to help you look and feel your best for years to come!

Cryotherapy Balls & Sticks

Cryotherapy, the art of exposing your body to sub-zero temperatures, sometimes to as low as 90°, has transcended every beauty trend to become a wellness mainstay.

You see, unlike ice baths that require you to lug a trolley full of ice from the supermarket to your tub, cryotherapy balls and sticks give you the same results without the drama and risk of chilblains.

One of these great ice globes is the Stacked Skincare Cryo Sculpting Roller. The device is designed to soothe sensitive skin, de-puff under-eyes, and effortlessly lift your facial contours.

The cold-at-home treatment offers a more effective lymphatic draining massage system  than your traditional gua sha massage tools.

So, if you’re often struggling with puffy under-eye bags, this ice globe is the perfect addition to your morning routine. You can either use it alone or after applying your toner, serum, and hydrating facemask.

Dermaplaning Tools

Shaving your face, sort of, is the latest beauty trend.

You’ve probably even seen your favorite celebrities on TikTok trying to get rid of the dead skin and peach fuzz hair on their faces.

Well, that is what dermaplaning is all about.

In sophisticated beauty terms, dermaplaning refers to the process of using a sharp, bladed tool to gently get rid of thin, tiny hairs from your face to give you smoother, softer skin that better absorbs skincare ingredients like Niacinamide or Vitamin C.

The dermatologic procedure typically requires continuous maintenance, but according to experts, the DermaFlash Luxe Anti-Aging Dermaplaning device offers you the treatment with more convenience.

This particular tool comes in the size of a vape pen and works like your typical physical exfoliants by scraping off dead skin, leaving your skin looking radiant, younger, and supple. Luxe is also fine-tuned to suit dry, combination, and oily skin.

However, if you have active acne or rosacea, be careful and check with your dermatologist before using this device.

You should also avoid areas of active inflammation and always moisturize after using dermaplaning tools to help keep your skin healthy and sexy – the blade can irritate sensitive skin.

Facial Massage & Cleaning Tools

If you’ve been struggling to keep your breakout issues at bay, then you need to upgrade your cleaning routine with devices that take face-cleansing to the next level.

For instance, the Foreo Pulsating Disc features sonic cleansing technology covered in bacteria-eliminating silicone rubs that get rid of impurities from your pores without aggressive scrubbing, leaving your skin feeling smoother softer to touch.

You might also have to invest in a reliable facial massager –preferably the Joanna Czech Massager.

It not only helps boost circulation but also contours your cheekbones, lifts jawlines, and relaxes tenses muscles for a smoother and radiant appearance.

It also allows your hydrating face masks and serums to penetrate deeper into the skin.

LED Masks

When beauty enthusiasts talked about ‘the future of skincare,’ I don’t think anyone could have predicted something quite so ‘Valerian-like.’

I mean, devices that can quickly get rid of that shameless pimple on your cheek in time for your date night?

Who would’ve thought?

Well, whether you’re an avid Instagram scroller or have your thumb on the pulse of the latest skincare innovation, you’ve probably heard something about these futuristic devices – LED Face Masks.

Unlike facial massagers, these NASA-approved devices can heal wounds and tame active inflammation issues.

They feature Blue-Light frequencies that treat acne, red light frequencies that deal with anti-aging issues, green light frequencies that handle blackheads and hyperpigmentation, and amber light frequencies that stimulate lymphatic flow and flush out toxins from your skin.

Unlike other at-home skincare devices, LED light therapy is one of the many tools that is suitable for all skin types and tones.

If you’re looking to invest in these devices, check out Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro.

The hands-free device not only helps improve skin density but also smoothes fine lines and stimulates collagen production, allowing for smoother, radiant, and youthful-looking skin.

Microneedling Devices

If you’re a social media whizz, you’ve probably heard about microneedling, or perhaps, derma rolling.

If you haven’t, microneedling is one of the endless beauty inventions that help you achieve that supple and younger-looking skin.

It uses tiny pinpricks to form microchannels in the skin, stimulating collagen production, enhancing texture and tautness, and blurring flaring pores.

It also boosts the penetration of active skincare ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and peptides.

One of the most popular microneedling tools is the Stacked Skincare Microneedling Tool.

The derma roller is said to be U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Certified and safe to use on all skin types.

It’s particularly ideal in targeting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to allow for a smooth, glowing complexion.

Note: You might notice some tingling sensations when using this microneedling tool, but that’s just for the course.

If you also have an active acne breakout, avoid microneedling devices until it clears.



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