Actress Yvonne Orji Issues Apology To A Fan Who Called Her The “Meanest Celebrity” She’d Ever Met


There has been a trend on social media that picked up steam recently after a question was asked about the meanest celebrity people have ever met.

This was the question posted by Twitter user FRANCE.:

In response to that question, Twitter user Crystal shared a story about actress Yvonne Orji who rubbed her the wrong way on their encounter at an event where the actress denied her a picture but then went on to make a spectacle of it.

This is what she shared:

Then when there were a few tweets discredited her story, and she shared a video of the uncomfortable moment:

Then she added:

With all of that said, Yvonne Orji received word about Crystal’s tweets and she issued an apology to her directly. On Twitter she wrote:

Hey Crystal, I’m saddened that’s how you left the event feeling after an encounter with me. Truly wasn’t my intention to make you feel anything less than the beautiful woman you are.

Unfortunately, folks on Twitter aren’t happy with the apology. One user said it felt scripted, others said its just weird to call her out on the very thing you asked her not to do.



Let’s hope Yvonne reached out to Crystal directly and cleared the air, for now we all just need to be very careful about how we treat each other.


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