7 Beauty Tips And Hacks For Oily Skin


Oily skin is arguably the most difficult skin type because the cause and solution depend on the individual. Breakouts, excessively shiny skin while wearing makeup, and spending money on tons of products that don’t even work are just some of the annoying problems that come with oily skin.

I admit it will take a bunch of trial and error to get your skin right but you don’t have to do it alone! Here are 7 beauty tips and hacks that’ll help you get your oily skin under control.

Notice Your Triggers

Everyone has a trigger when it comes to their skin; not drinking enough water might give you dry patches or your period is responsible for that big, juicy pimple between your eyebrows. Oily skin is no different! Common triggers for excessive oil are eating too much junk food, not getting enough sleep, washing your face with a product that isn’t oil free, and not washing your face enough.

To find your triggers, keep a skincare journal for two weeks. Write down what you eat and your regular regimen and routine, and note how your skin changes after every major action; or just simply take better care of yourself as a whole. You’ll find out a whole lot about what does and doesn’t work for your skin!

Change Your Pillowcase

Long story short, pillowcases are filthy. Sweat, hair products, traces of makeup, and dirt all exist on your bedding which means you are the official host of breakout-causing bacteria. Girl. Wash and change those pillowcases! You may even want to get yourself a brand new pillowcase altogether. If so, have a look at some things like a silk pillowcase, as they may be able to bring a whole new level of smooth to your skin, as well as keeping you extra comfortable.

If you don’t wrap your hair up at night or have a consistent night time skincare routine, you definitely need to wash and change your bedding more often because product build-up is probably doing a number on your face right now. A good sturdy bonnet and a few pillowcase changes a week should suffice!

Moisturizer for Oily Skin

A lot of oily skinned women I know stay away from moisturizers as a whole because they’re afraid that it’ll have an adverse effect. This could be the case if you’re using moisturizers and butters that are filled with heavy ingredients—but you don’t have to do this.

The whole point is to have soft, hydrated skin with controlled oil and shine production. Invest in oil-free, water based moisturizer and call it a day!

Wash Your Hair More Often

Your hair carries all types of oil–natural and added oils alike. And sometimes these oils end up on your face and start clogging pores and causing breakouts that drive you completely up the wall.

The solution? Move your hair off your face, wash and change your hair accessories like headbands and bonnets and more importantly? Wash your hair! You don’t have to wash it every day or more than what is personally healthy for your hair, but maybe do a deep cleanse if you notice breakouts or rashes around your forehead and ears.

Start Using Face Primer

Face primer is great for both general skincare and makeup! On a cosmetic level, primer fills in your pores and allows your makeup to go on smoother and last longer. This is really great for you oily skin beauties who only really have an issue with too much oil production when you want to wear makeup.

Get a good mattifying primer from Elf or Nyx for just under $10, and see if you like it. If not, test out high-end options as well!

Go Matte or Oil Free

While using matte and/or oil-free beauty products won’t solve what’s at the root of your oily skin, it will help with oil and shine control throughout the day. If you’re not someone who typically wears makeup or prefers a more natural look, there are great tinted moisturizers and BB creams like CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream that’ll cater to your skin wants and needs.

It is often suggested that you make the switch from liquid and cream makeup to powders and pencils, but if you don’t have your skin under control, that’ll only cause more caking and creasing. Stick to what you like, just look for better options from different brands.

Keep Everything Clean

Just like you must wash your face, hair and pillowcases to help your skin, you need to make sure everything else is thoroughly cleaned as well! That means bonnets, headbands, makeup brushes, face towels, and everything else that goes on or by your face.

Your makeup brushes and washcloths especially need to be washed and swapped out frequently because they hold a lot of bacteria, dirt, and you guessed it–oil.

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