Question: How many of you wear glasses in your everyday life? Most of you? OK Good! I am not alone!

I have had quite the history with my eyes so much so that I can distinctly remember the first time I was told by our family ophthalmologist that I needed glasses. I was 16 and when she delivered the news I sat in her office and had the nerve to suggest that maybe the whole test was rigged and that we should try again. I was convinced that glasses was going to ruin what little social life I had.

The long and short of it was I was being dramatic and and my doctor made no attempt at hiding her opinion about my attitude as she held my hands and reassured me that I would be fine!

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My reaction was unnecessary frankly, and looking back I can only chalk it up to a horrible mix of teenage vanity and a dose of immaturity!

These days things are different, we all try to take care of our eyes but it’s really not a big deal to get the news that you might need a little help with enhancing your vision. In fact, designer trends in frames and styles over the years make it much easier for us to transition. My friend visited Optometrist New York City and she got some beautiful glasses. As long as you find a pair that suit you, you’ll look great!!

Obviously, I have worn glasses for a long time so picking the best frames for me is pretty easy. I will say that over the years I have developed ‘a look’ that I like and I have always tried to pick frames based on what compliments my face, what is trendy and of course my hair.

After I cut my hair and decided to wear it naturally curly I threw my hair in the mix when deciding on the best style of frame because I wanted to ensure that my frames would look great with medium to long and often ‘big’ curly hair.

Recently I had a chance to work with Zenni and I picked the perfect set of stylish eye-wear designed specifically for my face. Listen! A girl was over due for some new glasses and frankly after the Zenni experience I can safely say I will never order my frames anywhere else!

Zenni is known for having a wide selection of super stylish and affordable styles for both men and women. The want to encourage you to develop a whole wardrobe of frames that will fit any occasion and I am here for it all. Their eye wear is well-crafted using ultra-lightweight materials, they frames are sturdy, they never fall off your face, and they are super affordable.

What I particularly liked was the process of choosing the frames online in the comfort of my own home. The first thing I did before picking the best style for me was I took the Zenni Frame Shape Quiz.

The quiz helped me to determine the most flattering frames for my face by asking a few quick and really easy questions like, are you male or female? Is your chin pointy or rounded? The answers you choose will not only determine the shape of your face but will also give Zenni an idea about the best recommended frames for your ideal shape.

I am a solid heart! – Prominent cheekbones, pointy chin, and a big head! (just kidding, but my forehead is a pretty prominent feature of mine!)

Now the fun part..

If you are heart shaped like I am then the recommended styles Zenni suggests are any cat eye Styles, Round styles, Oval Styles or Aviator styles. Honestly, I wanted to get as close to an angular shape as I could so I focused on the cat eye styles that had that trendy angular almost square-ish looks from the recommended frames that came up after my test!

I did no go with a full-on cat eye frame but I plan to purchase one really soon!

After you take the quiz you will need to have your prescription handy and a cute picture to upload to the site so you can try on a million frames from the comfort of your couch! I played with my look a bit because as I mentioned I really wanted frames that not only fit my face but fit my face while my hair framed my face.

About your hair

I have two signature styles, a basic wash and go and my high bun but as I mentioned I always pick my frames based on how I would look if my hair was down and at maximum frizz levels! For those of you trying to figure out the best style for your hair just keep these basic tips in mind!

Short to medium curly hair

Depending on your cut you can get away with rounder frames or angular shaped frames. Do not shy away from color either! One of my frames had a hint of blue in it and one of them is clear. Pick something that compliments your look and that you can wear on those occasions where you want to have a little fun with your style.

By the way, those clear frames were not really part of my recommended bunch but I got a bit carried away now have clear frames.

Long textured hair
Stay bold! Angular and cat eye frames are cute for long hair because regardless if you wear your hair straight, curly or wavy. The hair sort of falls behind the points of the frames that are near to the brows and it just works. Oh, and Aviators are sexy as well!

Teeny weeny afro
If are rocking a cute pixie cut or a short fro, again aviator frames are gorgeous but thick square frames are absolutely stunning as well. With short hair, you can really play up your look because it’s all about serving face and enhancing your short curls. Go for the cat eye as well if it falls within your recommended looks, why not right?

Either way, try to have fun and make sure that you are “framed right” when choosing the best style for you. If you are in the market for some really stylish frames I would highly suggest that you try the Zenni Face Shape Quiz yourself before you by your next pair of fabulous frames, it’s so worth it!

This post was sponsored by Zenni Optical but all ideas and thoughts were my own!


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