A Neat Steam Trick For Hydrated Skin And Hydrated Hair With Your Shower

Hydrated skin

I have a list of blogs that I frequent pretty often, they give me inspiration and tips that I use in my own routine pretty often! One of my favorite blogs is Belle Mocha formally known as “Relaxed Hair Health”. I love her work because she shares so many practical tips about self-care and overall health for the women who read her content that we can incorporate almost immediately. The other day she wrote a post about a neat trick using sheet masks for hydrated skin and I got so excited because she finally shared something that I have done personally and I forgot all about it until I saw her post.

I knew at that moment that not only was I going to share that idea here but I wanted to combine it with a little trick I use for my hair as well. Let’s start with the face!

A Hydrated Skin tip for your face

I have shared before that my routine for my skin is pretty simple! I have been very lucky not to have to deal with any major acne breakouts even as a teenager. If I get any sort of blemish or a pimple it’s typically during that time of the month and it’s just one or two.

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To be clear! Even without acne my skin isn’t perfect! I have some dark spots and not to mention a girl is getting up there’s that! sigh!

In terms of products! I personally have very basic products that I have used for years and I hardly ever stray to anything else.

For example to exfoliate! I have used good ole St. Ives Apricot and Blemish Control for years! There are a ton of scrub options on the market but that’s just the brand I use!

To do the trick, exfoliate your face using your scrub of choice and your fingers! I prefer my fingers but if you use some sort of sponge or cloth then, by all means, use that!

hydrated skin

My shower is typically very steamy because the steam helps the pores on my face to open up and the water washes away all the impurities and stress of the day after exfoliating.

After the shower get rid of the excess water on your face and use your favorite sheet mask on your face immediately! This will hydrate your face like you wouldn’t believe because your pores are already open and ready to be hydrated! Leave the sheet mask on for the desired amount of time then add your night time moisturizer!

Steam your hair in the shower at the same time!

hydrated skin

Moving on to hair! As you all know when you run a blog you will have the privilege of trying out a variety of products including growth oils! Many of which I have shared with you here. One of the ways I use up growth oils stash is during my steamy shower.

Before getting in, I apply my oil of choice to my hair in sections. I use just enough for my hair to feel as if I applied something but not too much where its running everywhere. Find your balance!

You can choose to apply the oil and make 4 big twists in your hair or you can enter the shower with your hair out in a full on fro. My hair separates pretty easily when steamed so getting in with it ‘out’ is typically what I prefer to do!

The steams opens up the cuticles of your hair and creates just enough water to hydrate your hair as well as allowing the oil particles that can penetrate the strand to do so. I even do a short scalp massage to help relax while the steam does its thing. At no point will I ever wet my hair with the running water, this is all about steam!

I typically do this the night before wash day because on wash day the plan is to shampoo deep condition and stretch my hair!

After the shower add 4 big twists if you just went in with your fro or leave the twists intact if you created some before your shower.

Hydrating your hair and skin at the same time during one shower is so relaxing, in my opinion, I would encourage you to give it a try!

Back to the hydrated skin portion of the post for a minute! If you are using a pure oil on your hair (which is preferred) use the oil all over your body while your body is wet and air dry as much as you can! Your skin will thank you!

Share any maximum hydration tips you use for your hair and skin below.


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