Amber Rose’s Husband Is Asking For Forgiveness Wants His Family Back


Now sir? Your bi…

You know what let us just go on ahead and state the facts before these men get us in trouble.

Most of you might remember in the Summer when Amber Rose took to Instagram to share that she had been suffering in silence due to her boyfriend’s/husband’s cheating ways.

She alleged at the time that he cheated with approximately 12 women.

Read that post here.

After she posted her truth AE went on to admit he did what he did in a podcast and had a whole “Kiki” about the situation.

He also shared that Amber told him she wanted a public apology for his actions.

Fast forward to Holidays, AE may have had a change of heart.

He posted a public apology to Amber on Instagram.

He said:

I want to sincerely apologize to key beautiful wife Amber arose, you didn’t deserve what I did to you.

You’re and amazing person and a wonderful mother to our boys.

I am sorry for the pain I’ve caused your, my son slash and my stepson Sebastian.

All I want is my family back and I am willing to do anything to make things right. Please forgive me.

see below:

Twitter reaction:



Story still developing, we will update with Ambers response. (If she responds at all)

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