Ari Lennox Started The Year Off With A Big Chop

Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox decided that she was going to start the year off on camera documenting her big chop. Her message was simple!

Happy you year!

Watch below:


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We recently shared a post about Ari’s Puff and how much we appreciated how easy her styling was.

You know what they say about a woman’s who cuts her hair right? And she cleaned out her Instagram too? Ari about to light us up!

Are you cutting your hair this year? Comment below!


  1. Yes. I cut my hair on December 31st before going to my favorite barber to even it up without lines so I could grow it out. Again. Mid-pandemic I combed out my locs, documenting it by the week, to my sister’s despair, on Facebook. It didn’t take too long since I’d started this second set of locks with a deep undercut hoping to cut down on the upkeep costs and gear up for self-maintenance. I’d lasted the better part of the year but still wasn’t feeling the way I wanted to about my “crown and glory”. From round about August to December I decided to see what deep conditioning could do toward restoring the damage left from the silk press I’d gotten in July. I couldn’t blame my stylist. Who, in the desert, gets a silk press in July! And then, did I mention I have a pre-schooler who loves getting into any water available beside the shower? Well, the fix was in. It was only a matter of time before I would give myself the permission to shave it back to my 20-year comfort zone. Since I’m on the far side of 30, I didn’t go as low as my eyebrows but used the longest guard on the electric clippers so my barber would have something to work with. He said I’d done a pretty good job and it took me a few days to collect and toss the hair I’d cut off into the sink but it wasn’t a tearful farewell. Reading your post about bible verses related to hair encouraged me as a mom now navigating the territory with a child who already loves and hates caring for her hair.

    • Just beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this! So happy to have encouraged you with that blog post. With your little one, it all takes time, she has the best teacher, and that’s you!! Best comment ever!


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