The Video Every New Natural Should Watch – 8 Ways To Define Your Curls


If you are a new natural and you are you struggling with all the techniques that people use to define their curls then this post is for you.

The video referenced below are 8 common ways you can define your curls which can serve as a base for many of the styles you can create throughout your natural hair journey.

Here are 8 ways to define your curls:

1. Shingling

Starting on very very wet hair use gel to define super small sections of your hair and allowing your curl pattern to shine through once your hair drys.

2. Finger coils

This method defines your curls in a more uniformed manner creating medium size ringlets that can be separated after your hair is dried.

3. three strand twist out

Typically we do not think about three strand twists or two strand twists as defining your curls but in essence it is a method of molding your hair in a certain shape using styling products. 3 strand twists will give you maximum definition because of the technique used.

4. Twist out

The technique is much simpler than a three strand twist but the definition is less.

5. Braid out

Similar to a twist out but gives you a little more stretch because frankly, braids tend to stretch out your strands.

6. Flat twist out

I just mastered these this week, and I love flat twists because I get the result of a twist out but with way more stretch in comparison to a regular twist out.

7. Flexi rod set

These are done on blow dried hair, which means you remove your natural curls and create your own curls using the rods.

8. Perm rod sets
Perm rods are my absolute fave because I prefer smaller curls. With perm rods you can create that fro look but with uniformed curls.

Watch this tutorial below created by Olivia Rose:


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